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Temple of Elemental Evil Cleric Domain Power Descriptions by Grey Magistrate

The domain list is buried in the help section -- you have to click on "Classes", then "Cleric", and then "Domains". To save you the trouble, here are the domain powers in one handy location:


Air..... Turn Earth elementals, rebuke Air elementals
Earth..... Turn Air elementals, rebuke Earth elementals
Fire..... Turn Water elementals, rebuke Fire elementals
Water..... Turn Fire elementals, rebuke Water elementals
Plant..... Turn plants and fungi
Sun..... Greater Turning once per day

There are lots of fungi in the lower levels of the Temple...


Chaos..... Anarchic spells get a +1 level boost
Evil..... Evil spells get a +1 level boost
Good..... Good spells get a +1 level boost
Healing..... Healing spells get a +1 level boost
Knowledge..... Divination spells get a +1 level boost
Law..... Axiomatic spells get a +1 level boost

Maybe Healing isn't so worthless after all, with the +1 level boost.


Animal..... Knowledge (Nature) is a class skill
Plant..... Knowledge (Nature) is a class skill
Knowledge..... All Knowledge skills are class skills
Travel..... Survival is a class skill
Trickery..... Bluff and Hide are class skills

As far as I know, no Knowledge skills were left in ToEE, so Animal, Plant, and Knowledge are worthless in this regard.


War..... Free Martial Weapon Proficiency and Weapon Focus feats

Weapon determined by deity -- in ToEE, limited to longsword, longspear, or morningstar.


Luck..... Once per day, automatically reroll a failed roll
Protection..... Once per day, add cleric level to a single resistance check
Strength..... Once per day, boost Strength by cleric level for one round
Travel..... Freedom of Movement is dynamically and automatically applied for one round per cleric level per day

Travel is unusual in that the power isn't a one-shot deal -- it gets reapplied over the day, as long as "rounds" remain. A L10 cleric could fend off a 5-round Slow in the morning and then another 5-round Slow in the evening.


Death..... Once per day, use "Death Touch" -- multiply cleric level by 1D6, and if greater than target's HP, target dies. No save!
Destruction..... Once per day, Smite opponent -- +4 attack, +cleric level in damage

Death Touch can be very effective because it has no save. Save it for boss characters once their HP are worn down.


Magic..... Able to use arcane scrolls, wands, etc. as if player has wizard levels equal to 1/2 cleric levels

Keep in mind that with the level cap, this means that a L10 cleric could only use scrolls like a L5 wizard -- not impressive.
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