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BG 1 Adventure Pack 296kb Download (Ext.)

This mod is for Baldur's Gate with Tales of the Sword Coast. There is a compaible Dark Side of the Sword Coast version as well. This mod gives you:

- A new store found at the Burning Wizard in Beregost.
- New items
- Some of the stores have the new items.
- Harder encounters or Harder Enemies as it's called.

BG 1 CoM Forge/Item Upgrade
Download (Ext.)

This mod was made for Baldur's Gate 1 with Tales of the Sword Coast. It should be compatible with other Baldur's Gate 1 mods out there. It's a mod where you combine certain items into a recipe and the combination will enhance the weapon/armor that you may have. Listed below are the features:

- Forge that will upgrade 11 items
- A new store with new items
- Two new encounters
- Added a few extra enemies in the Nashkel Mines area

Claw of Kazgaroth Blur Remover by Baronius 1kb Download
This simple mod will remove the annoying blur from the character equipped with the Claw of Kazgaroth. Simply copy it to the Override directory for it to take effect. This item modification was made by request on the SP forums.
Unrestricted Ankheg Plate by OtisTDog (Submitted) 1kb Download
This tweak modifies the default ITEMEXCL.2DA settings for BG1/TotSC, to allow characters to equip one magical protection (i.e. ring, cloak, or amulet) while wearing Ankheg Plate Mail. The original settings treat this suit of armor as magical, and prevent you from wearing additional magic protection, but nothing in the item instructions indicates that it is magical, only very tough.
Sell All Letters by OtisTDog (Submitted) 4kb Download
This is a tweak to ensure that all letters discovered in the course of a game can be sold at shops. The original game's treatment was uneven: Some could be sold, and some could not. This makes it so that all letters -- including plot-critical ones! -- can be sold.
Ease-of-use Pack by Tioma (Submitted) 280kb Download
1) Higher (500 items) stacks for gems/missiles/potions/scrolls
2) Bag of holding (BoH) and improved Erdane store. This bag of holding is quite tricky (since portable item containers are not foreseen in BG1). In fact, it's a conjurable low-price store. BoH is available in (improved) Erdane store in the Durlag's Tower area.
3) Higher stacks for missiles in stores. You can now buy normal arrows/bolts/bullets/darts by packs of 100, throwing daggers by packs of 25 and throwing axes by packs of 10. Throwing axes are lightened (wt=1). If you install ease-of-use pack while playing, there will be no changes in stores that you've already visited.
4) Happy mode (no angry or annoyed NPC). This happy patch should prevent NPCs to leave your group because of REP related problems, it doesn't remove possible personal conflicts between NPC.
5) Higher xp caps and a xpcap remover. Install one of the following patches:
- 500,000 xp cap
- 1 million xp cap
- 2 million xp cap
- xp cap remover
6) Max HP per level
7) Flawless spell learning for mages/bards with INT>=15.
8) Happy dual-classing. The only requirements are minimal prime stats (relative to dual-classing) of a new class. For example, in order to dual-class to a fighter, you'll need only STR>=9, no other requirements. Other example: Safana (thief) will be able to dual-class to fighter, cleric, mage, enchanter, illusionist and transmuter now.
Heart of Fury Mode by Tioma (Submitted) 266kb Download

HoF modifications of monsters stats:

HoF hp=(original hp)x3+50
HoF AC=(original AC)-5
HoF THAC0=(original THAC0)-5

You'll also get a 100 XP bonus for killing any "generic" monster (without a specific "death variable").

Drizzt Do'Urden Version 2.25 by Sephiroth 537kb Download
Ever wanted to play the famous Drow? Here's your chance.
Character Collection by Banelord (Submitted) 23kb Download
A collection of new characters to play with (Gorion, Sarevok, Elminster etc.).
Dragons by Banelord (Submitted) 400kb Download
3 powerful *dragon* characters to play with (Bronze, Gold & Silver).
High level rules for Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast by Banelord 23kb Download (lvl 30, lvl 40, lvl 50)
Modified rules files (.2da files) that go into your Overrides folder in order to allow you to go up to level 30/40/50. This works with both Tales of the Sword Coast, and Baldur's Gate without TOTSC.
Basic D&D Rules for Baldur's Gate by TeamBG 30kb Download
Similar to the high level rule packs below, this mod changes a number of things in order to adapt the game to very high levels, according to D&D rules.
Harder BG1 Patch by Master PooBaa 472kb Download (Ext.)
This patch makes all opponents more difficult to defeat (more hitpoints, but also more experience points). It works with or without Dark Side of the Sword Coast.
Firewalker by Jason Higgins 1.6MB Download (Ext.)
This is a mini-mod for Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast. It adds new items on characters and in stores throughout the game and toughens opponents, as well as a few other things.
Faster Baldur's Gate (Firewalker Lite) by Eirinjas (Submitted) 8.6MB Download

This mod is for people who want to play Baldur's Gate without the frustratingly slow movement speeds and without the complications from using BG Tutu & BG Trilogy - such as needing BG II. Features:

All boots were given a bonus to movement. Worn boots are the slowest, regular boots are average (most are), and boots of speed remain the fastest. Speeds are now comparable to IWD & BG II movement speeds. Note: regular "boots" actually replace the Composite Bow in shops. Composite Bow +1 is available though. The author did this to avoid editing the store (STO) files and to keep this as simple and bug-free as possible.

Also does the following (and more):

  • Maximum HP on leveling
  • Greater likelihood to learn spells without failure
  • Level 50 rules / experience cap remover
  • NPC's will join you at lower levels than they did previously
  • Includes all the voice sets from IWD & Diablo
  • New portraits (from IWD and BG II)
  • Alternative portraits for NPC's (from BG II)
  • Missiles, potions, scrolls, gems now stack to 500 (in lieu of a bag of holding)

Should be 100% compatible with BG & DSOTSC but was developed on TOTSC. An alternative version which incorporates some Dudley fixes & tweaks is also available.

Stinger by Ellimar (Submitted) Download
This mod adds a powerful new longsword "Stinger" into BG1 as a purchasable item.
Dark Side of the Sword Coast by TeamBG 20MB Download below

This is a 3rd party and unauthorized addon mission pack similar in nature to Tales of the Sword Coast. Speaking of which, you are required to have TotSC already installed and fully patched prior to installing DSotSC. The addon features new spells, new weapons, new quests and adventures & much more.

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