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Infinity Engine Savegame Editor


I propose here my editor for the BioWare Infinity Engine Savegames.

This tool supports Baldur's Gate I & II (addons included), Planescape Torment and Icewind Dale I (also addon).
Unofficial addons are now better supported since the r17 release. The r18 release fixes a crash that was occuring with some BG2 unofficial mods.
I still haven't got time to integrate Icewind Dale II support but this should be made as time goes.

Main Features


You can download the lastest release for windows XP here. The runtime files for this version can be downloaded separately here.

Lastest release for Windows XP:

Previous releases for windows XP and others (choose the version matching to your OS and installed packages):

You can send me remarks or bug reports on the email given through the program.

Installation tips

If the software don't run saying a dll file is missing, and if you are running a XP version, you can download a version including runtime files or get this rutime files separately below: If a file is still missing, you can install the MS .NET Framework runtime that should add the required file on your system. The 1.1 version is downloadable here .NET Framework 1.1 in english (23Mo). The version 2 is available here .NET Framework 2.0 in english (23Mo). Alternatively you can try the VC6 build version.

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