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Pillars of Eternity Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act IV Areas:   Breith Eaman  |  Sun in Shadow  | 

Breith Eaman

Breith Eaman

Places with traps will be marked with a 't'.

  1. Here is the party's initial point of arrival.

  2. The hidden niche here will have a random magic item, a random scroll, a random gem or two, and Camping Supplies.

  3. The hidden niche here will have Camping Supplies, a random gem or two, and some coins.

  4. Spectres and Shades will attack you at these spots. They will leave behind Spirit Residues when killed.

  5. Animats and Adra Animats will attack you at these spots. The Adra Animats will leave behind Shattered Animat Armors, Engwithan Daggers, Engwithan Shields and Awakened Adras when killed. The Animats leave behind Binding Coppers when killed.

  6. This trapped chest has a Morning Star called Daybreak, Boots of Speed, as well as a high-tier gem or two.

  7. This locked chest will have a random armor or weapon, usually of Fine or Exceptional quality.

  8. Here is where you will speak to the spirit of Iovara, which is a focal point in the Memories of the Ancients quest.

  9. Once you cross to about this point, some of your party members may want to speak to you in light of what was recently learned from Iovara.

    In particular, it is at this point where you may make a crucial decision when it comes to Aloth, whether to destroy the Leaden Key or take it over as the new leader. Which direction you go in will affect his ending for purposes of the endgame epilogue.

  10. There will be Camping Supplies in this pile of debris.

  11. This vase will have a random scroll, a random high-tier gem or two (e.g. Diamonds), and some coins.

  12. Here are the stairs down to Sun in Shadow.

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