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Pillars of Eternity Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Caed Nua

Caed Nua, Rebuilt

  1. Here is an exit to the World Map that allows access to the western areas of the map.

  2. Here is the Great Hall. The Steward resides within, who more or less operates as your Major Domo for the stronghold. You can provide her instructions with respect to: Visitors who may occasionally come to the Keep, when you want to build upgrades for your stronghold, when you want to manage hirelings in your stronghold, when you want to manage your party composition, and when you want to assign any companions who may not currently be in your party to undertake adventures.

  3. Here is the Chapel. If it is rebuilt through an upgrade, then you can purchase spell scrolls from the Priest inside.

  4. Here is a trapdoor. It only becomes open and accessible if you first arrive from below from the first level of Endless Paths at #21.

    As you explore more and more of the Endless paths, you find more stairways leading back up here. That means this trapdoor, with enough exploration, will provide more direct access to several parts of the Endless Paths. The destinations that can become accessible through this trapdoor are:

  5. Here is the Brighthollow, which can be rebuilt as an upgrade. Some upgrades rebuild features of the Brighthollow itself, each of which contributes +1 to Prestige. You can also rest free of charge in the Brighthollow. The resting bonuses that are available through sleeping here depend on what other upgrades you have built beforehand.

  6. Here is the Curio Shop. If it is rebuilt through an upgrade, then it will have for sale the full range of creature parts.

  7. Here is the Artificer's Hall. If it is rebuilt through an upgrade, then it will have traps for sale.

  8. Here is the Craft Hall. If it is rebuilt through an upgrade, then it will have armors and weapons of Fine quality for sale.

  9. Here is the Warden's Lodge. If is rebuilt, then you can begin to pursue bounties, starting with the first batch offered by Warden Frygren.

  10. You can kneel before this finger of Adra here so as to complete the last upgrade of the Estoc named The Grey Sleeper as part of The Grey Sleeper quest.

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