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Pillars of Eternity Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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White March Map

White March Map

Clicking on the map above will open a larger version of the map without numbering, and in a seperate tab.

  1. Clicking on this point will provide access to the Dyrwood areas of the World Map.

  2. Stalwart Village. Points of interest during Part 1 of the Expansion include Gref's Rest and the Fishery.

    Part 2 of the White March Expansion will see a different Stalwart Village. Gref's Rest and the Fishery will still be around. However, a new point of interest will be the Stalwart Mines, which in turn leads to the Luminescent Caves.

  3. Longwatch Falls

  4. Russetwood. Points of interest include the Wolf Cave and the Flames-That-Whisper Caves.

  5. Durgan's Battery. One point of interest is Galvino's Workshop.

    The front gate of the stronghold leads to a complex that includes the Great Hall, the Mines, and the Foundry.

    Part 2 of the Expansion will see a different Durgan's Battery. It now provides acccess to the Lower West Tower, which in turn provides access to the Upper West Tower.

  6. Direct travel to Durgan's Forge will only become possible during Part 2.

  7. Whitestone Hollow, only available during Part 2.

  8. Iron Flail Fort, only available during Part 2. It also includes a Command Post.

  9. Abbey of the Fallen Moon, only available during Part 2. The temple itself also includes the Halls of Presence and the Halls of Silence.

  10. Cayron's Scar, only available during Part 2. It also includes the final dungeon of the expansion, the Ionni Brathr Fragment.

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