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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 2  |  Quests in Chapter 2 
Areas in Chapter 2: Athkatla
Waukeen's Promenade  |  The Bridge District  |  The City Gate District  |  The Docks District  |  The Government District  |  The Graveyard District  |  The Slums  |  The Planar Sphere  |  The Temple District  |  The Temple District Sewers  
Areas Outside Athkatla
De'Arnise Keep  |  Trademeet  |  The Druid Grove  |  The Umar Hills  |  The Temple Ruins  |  The Windspear Hills

The Slums
The Copper Coronet  |  The Sewers  |  The Slaver Stockade  |  The Jansen Home  |  Gaelan Bayle's Home  


Ah, the Copper Coronet! One of the finest ale houses in all of Athkatla. Here you can drink and rest to your heart's content. There are also rumors of other kinds of entertainment in the back rooms - if you could only gain entrance to them. Maybe the owner, Lehtinen, could be convinced to let you see what is hidden behind the closed and closely guarded doors.

Explore the bar well, and you may find five or six quests and three joinable companions.

    1. Here are the exits back to the Slum District.

    2. At the bar you will meet a number of interesting people:

      Lehtinen is the owner of the Copper Coronet. Give Lehtinen the right answers, and he will allow you into the back rooms.

      Bernard is an old friend of Jaheira's. He sells accommodation and also a number of mundane weapons and armor, plus a number of magic items. Click here to see his shop inventory.

      Salvanas is on the lookout for female company. If your protagonist is female, you can offer to sleep with him – in which case he runs off! ;-) If Edwin is in the company and is currently transformed into a woman (in connection with his NPC quest) and you let "her" speak to Salvanas, it will end with Edwin(a) attacking Salvanas and turning the entire bar hostile. So don't let the two get near each other.

      You'll have to speak to Unger Hilldark in connection with the Sir Sarles quest.

      If you free Hendak, he takes over the Copper Coronet after killing Lehtinen. From then Hendak can also be found here. He offers you the quest to eliminate the slavers in the Slums. Incidentally, Lehtinen drops a Diamond, a Water Opal, a Scroll of Summon Nishruu, a Scroll of Death Fog, three Emeralds, a Dagger and 1,287 GP. Not bad, eh?

      Finally, this is where you find Imoen in Chapter 6 if you didn't accept her into your party, or if you dropped her from the party.

    3. Here you will also find Lord Jierdan, who will offer you the Journey to the Windspear Hills quest which is also the Paladin Class quest.

      Here you can also find Garoll, one of the local drunks. Speak to him and buy him a drink, and he'll tell you about the "special entertainment" in the back rooms of the Copper Coronet. This is a powerful hint that you should talk Lehtinen into giving you access to the back rooms.

    4. Here is Nalia. You don't need to approach here, she will approach you and offer you the The De'Arnise Keep has been invaded quest which is also the Fighter Class quest. If you accept the quest, she offers to join your party.

    5. Here you will find Surly who minds the fighting pits. After Hendak takes over the Copper Coronet, you can bet on dogfights here.

      At a nearby table is Korgan. He offers to join you, provided you promise to do his Book of Kaza quest.

      As long as Lehtinen is the owner of the Copper Coronet, you can meet Amalas and his two thugs here. You can accept his challenge to a one-on-one fight and kill him in the nearby fighting pit; Jaheira will not be happy about this.

    6. Only if you have installed the Bonus Merchants pack: Here is Joluv, who sells a number of very powerful weapons. Click here for his shop's inventory.

    7. If you have dropped Yoshimo from the party, this is where you can find him. He will not be available from Chapter 6 onwards.

    8. Here you will find Anomen. If you tell him that you are brave and a force for the good, he offers to join your party. If the person speaking to him is female, you don't even need to answer questions about your moral and bravery.

    9. If you have dropped Minsc from your party, this is where you can find him again.

    10. Here is Tiana, who is looking for her missing husband, Rumar. The husband can be found at 12; if you tell her, she will go there, and a fight will ensue between Tiana and Priss, Rumar's mistress.

      If Korgan is in your party and you don't tell Tiana about Rumar and Priss, Korgan will do it just for spite.

    11. Here are the guarded doors into the back rooms. You must have Lehtinen's permission before you can get through.

      At the topmost of the two doors you can find Edwin, if you don't let him join during the Mae'Var quest, or if you drop him from your party.

    12. Here are Rumar and Priss. Once you have found them, you can let Tiana back at 10 know where to find her husband. She will seek out the lovebirds, and a fight ensues between the two ladies. It is random who wins the fight.

    13. Here is Llynis. You will need to speak to him in connection with the Teddy Bear quest.

    14. Madam Nin offers to let you spend the night in the back rooms with a young "lady". You can not take her up on her offer if Jaheira is within earshot.

    15. When you first enter this platform, you will be greeted by Frankie who tells you that there will soon be a fight. Press him to learn that the "gladiators" are slaves. Move inwards, and you'll witness a fight between a slave and a Troll, which the Troll is scripted to win.

    16. Here are the slave cells, one of which contains Hendak. When you first enter the room, you will be accosted and then attacked by the guards. Each guard drops mundane stuff and minor treasure.

      Once the guards are killed, speak to Hendak in his cell. He will beg you to retrieve the Beast Master's Key from 18 and set the slaves free.

      Once the slaves are set free, Hendak will walk to the bar at 2 and kill Lehtinen and then take over the Copper Coronet. Beware, the guards on the way back will now be hostile and attack you.

      TIP: Freeing Hendak gives you 7,500 XP. But once you free Hendak, all the slaves will be freed. So it pays off to open the other two cells first and speak to the inmates for 2,500 XP per cell before freeing Hendak himself. ;-)

    17. Here are the fighting pits. You will encounter a Winter Wolf. The wolf drops a Winter Wolf Pelt which can be sold off at any shop.

    18. Here you will find the Beastmaster. Once he realizes that you are plotting to free the slaves, he attacks you and also sics his pet cat Tabitha on you along with some other monsters: a couple of Mutated Gibberlings, a Panther, a Leopard, a Black Bear, a Grizzly Bear, and a Minotaur.

      The Beastmaster yields 2,000 XP and drops Plate Mail Armor, a Helmet, the Beastmaster Key, scrolls of Stone to Flesh and Blindness, a Spear, the Tuigan Bow +1, and some random treasure.

    19. Here is the fighting pit where you can fight Amalas if you wish. This is also where Mazzy will fight Gorf the Squisher.

    20. Here is the exit to the Slum Sewers.

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