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Chapter 4 begins after you have completed either Aran Linvail's or Bodhi's last quest and it ends when you enter the Underdark at the beginning of Chapter 5. The chapter is almost completely linear. At the beginning of the chapter you find yourself in the little pirate town of Brynnlaw. The Asylum where Imoen and Irenicus are locked up looms on the horizon, but the problem is how to gain entrance.

What happens in Chapter 4?

If you sided with the Shadow Thieves in Chapter 3, a Shadow Thief named Simik will have travelled with you to Brynnlaw. She advices you to seek out a man named Sanik in the Vulgar Monkey tavern. If you sided with Bodhi, it is the captain, Saemon Havarian, who makes this suggestion. Thus, your first task in the chapter is to find a way into the Asylum.

Once you gain access, you find out that the Asylum has been taken over by Jon Irenicus. Moreover, you learn that Imoen, like yourself, is a Child of Bhaal! Irenicus has cast a powerful spell on Imoen which has taken away her Bhaal essence and given it to Bodhi. Through the betrayal of Yoshimo, if he is in your party, or Saemon Havarian, you are rendered helpless and Irenicus casts a similar spell on you. You have a disturbing dream in which you find yourself back in Candlekeep and you have to fight an Avatar of Bhaal. When you wake up, your Bhaal essence has been stolen away and Irenicus hands you over to Bodhi so she can kill you.

Bodhi, however, wants to play with you first and puts you in the Asylum Dungeon. Here begins the largest part of the chapter: Find your way out of Asylum Dungeon. This quest ends with your first real Irenicus encounter. When you are close to winning, Irenicus flees the scene, leaving you (and Imoen if you took her back into the party) without your souls

When Irenicus has fled, you once again run into your "friend" Saemon Havarian. He suggests that he can sail you back to the mainland. You now have two options: You can take use a portal in Spellhold to pursue Irenicus and Bodhi into the Underdark, starting Chapter 5 immediately, or you can take Saemon up on his offer, in which case you'll need to help Saemon Havarian escape Brynnlaw.

If you accept Saemon's offer, you'll have to steal a pirate horn from the mistress of Desharek, the lord of the island, and use it to commandeer his ship. Of course the plan turns out to be flawed and you'll have to fight Desharek and some of his Pirates before you flee the island. Before leaving, Saemon presses you to accept a "gift" – a silver blade which Bodhi and Irenicus gave to him.

Worse is to come, for after a few days the ship is boarded by a band of Githyanki who are looking for the very silver blade which Saemon Havarian gave to you. Naturally fighting breaks out and Saemon teleports away, not to be seen again until Throne of Bhaal. Before the fight can get very old, the ship is boarded by Sahuagin and the Githyanki make a hasty retreat to their own ship before your ship capsizes with you on board.

Fortunately you do not drown. Unfortunately, you find yourself in the City-of-Caverns, city of the Sahuagin. Under normal circumstances, your stay would have been short and uncomfortable but their high priestess believes that you are the surfacers that an old prophecy spoke about... Which leads to the final part of Chapter 4, to Help the Sahuagin City.

When you have solved this quest to perfection, you go down a tunnel into The Underdark, and Chapter 5.
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