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Overview of Chapter 6  |  Quests in Chapter 6 
Areas in Chapter 6
The Underdark Exit Area  |  Small Teeth Pass  |  The North Forest  |  The Forest of Tethir  |  The Graveyard District  


At this point the game becomes very non-linear again. Your main job is still to find Jon Irenicus but you can also take the time to do the quests you didn't finish off in Chapter 2.

You find yourself back in Amn, with most of the areas being the same as you remember from Chapter 2 and 3. Only the Graveyard District in Athkatla is different, and there are four new areas to explore. Except for these areas I therefore refer you to Chapter 2 for area descriptions.

What happens in Chapter 6?

When you leave the Underdark, you find yourself in the Underdark Exit Area where the Drow have been battling the Surface Elves. The Elves quickly realize that you and your companions are not Drow and bring you before their general, Elhan. Offer him any reasonable answers and he will tell you of the situation: The Drow have broken out of the Underdark and defiled an ancient temple in this area. Taking advantage of the confusion, Irenicus has entered the Elven city of Suldanessellar and sealed the city. Elhan asks you to find the Rhynn Lanthorn, which will allow him to reopen the entrance to Suldanessellar and help you fight Irenicus.

Before leaving Elhan, you should persuade him to give you the supplies that you'll need. He doesn't offer much but you should get some Wooden Stakes and Elven Holy Water.

Gathering Allies

You quickly realize that Irenicus will probably have entrusted the Rhynn Lanthorn to Bodhi. However, before storming her stronghold under the Graveyard District, you may want to find allies in that battle. Fortunately there is plenty of help to be found. On your way back to Athkatla you will run into Drizzt Do'Urden and his companions. Offer him any reasonable answers to his questions and they will promise to meet you in Bodhi's lair.

Easter Egg: If your protagonist is an elf named Drizzt and your reputation is less than 12, Drizzt Do'Urden will be mad at you for using his name and will challenge you for the right to use it! Beware; this can be a very tough fight!

Back in Athkatla, go to the Shadow Thief Stronghold at 4 in the Docks District – only if you sided with the Shadow Thieves in Chapter 3, of course. ;-) A thief approaches you and asks you to speak to Aran Linvail. Seek him out and with only a little prodding he promises to send a group of Assassins to help out with your battle against Bodhi.

Also make your way to the Order of the Most Radiant Heart. You will be met by a young prelate, Squire Cathras, who asks you to meet with Prelate Wesselen. Speak to the Prelate, and he will agree to send a detachment of Paladins to Bodhi's lair to help you. (If your reputation is 9 or below, you will find your welcome less warm but the Prelate will still promise to send his knights to help you.)

Random Encounters

Like in Chapter 2 and 3, you may run into random gangs of bandits. You will also meet a group of bandits who are clearly after you. They cast an illusion over themselves, making them appear like your own party. They are nowhere near as strong as your party ought to be at this time, though.

More seriously, in one of the larger areas of Athkatla you will be stopped by a Githyanki named Kruin who demands that you hand over the Silver Blade which Saemon Havarian gave you if you left Brynnlaw in his company back in Chapter 4. You can either hand over the Silver Blade peacefully, or face Kruin (a Wild Mage) along with a few other Githyanki: a Mage, a Cleric, a Knight, and an Anti-Paladin. The loot includes Potions of Invisibility, Potions of Extra Healing, some mundane stuff, and not least the Silver Hilt. If one of your characters specializes in Two-handed Swords, you may want to take the fight for the Hilt. Together with the Silver Blade, Cromwell can forge it into the Silver Sword.

Unfinished Business

Before charging off to finish off Bodhi, I suggest that you finish any pending quests from Chapter 2. You can see which quests still need doing in your Journal (press the J key on the keyboard). Here is the list of Chapter 2 quests.

If you brought Yoshimo with you to the Asylum in Chapter 4 and picked up his heart after killing him, don't forget to bring it to one of the two temples of Ilmatar in Athkatla. There is one in Waukeen's Promenade and one on the roof of the Copper Coronet in the Slums.

The Adventurer's Mart

This can still be found at 5 in Waukeen's Promenade. You should by all means go there and sell off your loot to Ribald Barterman. This time, however, he will ask you if you are interested in seeing his special stash of wares. Just to look at them will cost you 50 GP but you may want to check out his Special Inventory.

Bodhi Showdown

Please see the Rhynn Lanthorn quest for details. When you believe you have done everything there is to be done in and outside Athkatla, go to the Graveyard District. The time will automatically be turned forward to Midnight, and Bodhi and some of her Vampire friends will meet you at the entrance to the district. Be prepared for battle against several Vampires.

If you have completed a romance and your romantic partner is still in the party, Bodhi abducts him or her and your party will be one character short. Most annoyingly, this means you will be missing one of your healers. Don't forget to pick the character's possessions up from the ground.

Pursue Bodhi into her underground lair and destroy her and her ilk once and for all. You will meet whatever allies you have managed to gather. During the final fight, you will have to kill both Bodhi and your former-lover-turned-vampire. Make sure to pick up your lover's body. Then stake Bodhi in her coffin to gain the Rhynn Lanthorn and Bodhi's Black Heart.

If Imoen is in your party, when you stake Bodhi she will tell you that she has now got her soul back. I usually let Imoen stake Bodhi for sentimental reasons – it is after all her soul! :)

Reviving your Undead Lover

All is not lost! You can bring your lover back to life. This involves an extra journey to the Temple Ruins which you have already visited in connection with the Shade Lord quest.

New Areas and Wrapping Up Chapter 6

If you haven't already, now would be a good time to clear out the new areas in Chapter 6: The North Forest, the Small Teeth Pass, and the Forest of Tethir. When done, bring the Rhynn Lanthorn to the Underdark Exit Area and give it to Elhan to complete the Rhynn Lanthorn quest. Elhan brings you to the entrance to Suldanessellar which is in the Forest of Tethir. Enter Suldanessellar to proceed with Chapter 7.

NOTE: Once you enter Suldanessellar, there is no way back! You won't be returning to Amn later in the game, including in Throne of Bhaal. So make sure you have finished everything first, and that you have visited all shops in Athkatla and other places and bought any equipment you want.
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