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In Baldur's Gate you learned that you were one of the Bhaalspawn, children of Bhaal, the dead God of Murder. The game ended when you killed your fellow Bhaalspawn, Sarevok.

In Baldur's Gate 2 – Shadows of Amn you were captured by the archmage Jon Irenicus who stole the divine essence of you and your foster sister and fellow Bhaalspawn Imoen and used them to revive himself and his sister Bodhi. This game ended with you defeating first Bodhi and then Irenicus and regaining your divine soul.

Baldur's Gate 2 – Throne of Bhaal tells the conclusion to the Bhaalspawn saga. Five mighty Bhaalspawn, known as The Five, are amassing armies and eradicating other Bhaalspawn across the Sword Coast, and whether you like it or not, you are drawn into their schemes.

You can start the expansion in three ways:

If you want to play Baldur's Gate 2 as a continuous story, I recommend that you finish Shadows of Amn and continue with the same party. For one thing, this is the only way to continue one of the romances. If you have already played Shadows of Amn and only want to play Throne of Bhaal, you may want to import a savegame or start over with a new character.

The expansion is divided into three chapters:

You can enlist the help of all the NPCs you met in Shadows of Amn, unless they are dead – and a new NPC, none other than your old enemy and half-brother Sarevok. You will also have access to your very own pocket plane in Hell, and a woman named Melissan will turn up at opportune times to help you along.

If you didn't visit Watcher's Keep during Shadows of Amn, you can do so after you have finished Saradush in Chapter 8. Just walk off the map in any area and click Watcher's Keep on the World Map.

OK, let's go. We begin the expansion in the Grove of the Ancients.
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