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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

Throne of Bhaal: Chapter 8  |  Chapter 9  |  Chapter 10
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Overview of Chapter 9  |  Quests in Chapter 9 
Areas in Chapter 9
The Hellish Pocket Plane  |  Amkethran  |  Abazigal's Lair  |  Sendai's Enclave  


Chapter 9 begins when you enter the desert village of Amkethran and ends when you have killed three more mighty Bhaalspawn: Sendai, Abazigal, and Balthazar.

You arrive in Amkethran and will soon find yourself face to face with Balthazar. He gives you a rather cold welcome but tells you that Melissan has been in the village, but also that she has left, he doesn't know where. In the meantime he marks the locations of Abazigal's Lair and Sendai's Enclave on your world map.

You can now choose which task you will solve first: Kill Abazigal or Kill Sendai. Either way, these two jobs will take up the bulk of Chapter 9. After killing each of them, you will be returned to the Hellish Pocket Plane for a brief conversation with your old friend the Solar, who makes two new challenges available to you. Please see the area page for details.

When you have killed them both, you will meet Elminster himself who tells you that your destiny is drawing near. He can't tell you anything in detail but will let you know that you must travel back to Amkethran and face Balthazar, last of The Five. This sets off the final task of Chapter 9: To Kill Balthazar. At this point, all of Balthazar's monks and mercenaries in Amkethran will become hostile.

After another meeting with the Solar, and a final challenge in the Hellish Pocket Plane, you will learn who your final enemy is. You now have the option to leave the pocket plane forever and travel to the Throne of Bhaal. This will set off the grand finale in Chapter 10.

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