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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

Throne of Bhaal: Chapter 8  |  Chapter 9  |  Chapter 10
Shadows of Amn  |  Watcher's Keep  
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Overview of Chapter 9  |  Quests in Chapter 9 
Areas in Chapter 9
The Hellish Pocket Plane  |  Amkethran  |  Abazigal's Lair  |  Sendai's Enclave  

The Cave of the Dead  |  The Smugglers' Cave  |  Zakee's Tavern  |  The Monastery  


This dusty desert village with the imposing monastery headed by Balthazar forms the nexus of Chapter 9. This is where you both start and end the chapter.

  1. This is where you arrive in Amkethran.

  2. Here is the entrance to Balthazar's monastery. When you first come here, a Monk will accost you and call Balthazar out to greet you. Balthazar will lay down the rules for you – don't disturb his "activities" – and also mark Abazigal's Lair and Sendai's Enclave on your world map.

    For now, you can't get into the monastery. At the end of the chapter you will need to do just that. One way to do so is to come here, kill the monks, and loot their leader for the key to the front gate.

  3. Here is the entrance to the Cave of the Dead. To enter here, you will need to speak to Marlowe in the tavern and accept his quest to rescue his daughter.

  4. Here will be two Mercenaries about to execute Asana Haraad for stealing their money and giving it to the poor. Her father will beg you to help. You can either refuse and let her be killed, pay the Mercenaries the 5,000 GP they demand (with a high Charisma you can haggle them down to 3,000 GP), or pick a fight with them.

    For saving Asana each party member gains 5,000 XP. The party also gets 500 GP back along with a reputation point and Montolio's Cloak which Cespenar can upgrade. Useful if you have a Ranger in the party.

    If you let Asana be killed the party loses a reputation point.

  5. Here is the entrance to the Smuggler's Cave.

  6. Here you will run into your old "friend" Saemon Havarian, in trouble for stealing from the Mercenaries. He will quickly shift the blame on you and then teleport out, leaving you with a pair of very hostile Mercenaries.

    Each Mercenary drops Chain Mail +3, a Gold Horned Helm, a Medium Shield +1, a Long Sword +2, and one or two Potions of Extra Healing.

  7. Here is the entrance to Zakee's Tavern.

  8. Down here will be a priest having a discussion with a monk which boils over into a fight. If you wish, you can attack the monk (despite Balthazar's warning). Another monk will teleport in and warn you, then teleport out again with his friend.

    The priest thanks you for intervening on his behalf. If you give him 1,000 GP to help feed the poor, each party member gets 3,000 XP and your reputation goes up by one point. The party also gets the Oaken Ring. Cespenar can upgrade the ring, which is useful if you have a Druid in your party.

    If you don't want the reputation point, you can just let the priest get killed, then loot his body for the ring.

  9. Here is the entrance to the Temple of Waukeen where you can buy all the usual temple services, plus a number of other items. Click here for shop inventory.

  10. Here will be some Mercenaries practicing their bowsman skills against summoned creatures. If you wish, you can pick a fight with them. Their leader, Captain Erelon, drops the Darkfire Bow +4.

  11. To get to the northeastern part of the village, you must go through this little home. Enter at the door, and take the ladder through the roof.

  12. Here is the Arcana Archives II, where you can find Lazarus Librarus. He fled here after the fall of Saradush and sells anything you didn't buy off him in Saradush. Please click here for his shop's inventory.

    In this room you will also find Kerrick the Smith, and the solution to the Pantaloons Enigma. If you bring him the Golden Pantaloons (which you can get in the Friendly Arm Inn in the original Baldur's Gate game), the Silver Pantaloons (from Shadows of Amn), and the Bronze Pantalettes (found in Abazigal's Lair), he will create the Big Metal Unit – a suit of armor which, among other things, makes the user look like a Juggernaut Golem.

  13. Here is Marlowe's Home. Enter here to progress with the Rescue Marlowe's Daughter quest.

  14. This little home belongs to Marija and Faheed. You may want to come here at the end of Chapter 9 in connection with the Kill Balthazar quest.

  15. Only at the end of Chapter 9: Here is where you arrive if you enter the main gate at 2.

  16. Only at the end of Chapter 9: Here is the entrance to Balthazar's Monastery.

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