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Available only in Throne of Bhaal: Sarevok  


Race: Human

Gender: Male

Class: Fighter

Alignment: Chaotic Evil (can be changed to Chaotic Good if you don't force him to swear an oath and choose the right dialog options later).



NOTE: Sarevok also gains another Proficiency point when you level him up after accepting him into your party.

Starting Equipment:

How to find: Sarevok will find you in your Pocket Plane in Hell at the start of Throne of Bhaal. You have to give him a part of your soul (or of Imoen's soul, if she is present) to resurrect him in order to progress the game. He then offers to join you.

If dropped: Stays where he is dropped.

Romance: No.

NPC Quest: None.

Relations with other NPCs: None of interest.

Behavior that causes him to leave the party: None that I have found, though he will complain loudly if your reputation goes to 19 or better. ;-)

Background information: Sarevok Anchev is – or was – your half-brother, one of the mightiest of the Bhaalspawn. He grew up as an orphan in the streets until adopted into the Iron Throne. He was the main antagonist and boss in Baldur's Gate where you had to kill him in the end. Being resurrected, he is no longer a Child of Bhaal. However he is still terribly evil.

His incredible stats makes it possible to dual-class him to either Thief or Mage, but I don't see why you would do that. He excels as a fighter, and if dual-classed he won't get his Fighter levels back until the very end of Throne of Bhaal. His "deathbringer assault", a kind of critical hit, does up to 200 points of damage. Just give him a heavily enchanted Two-handed sword, send him to the front line, and stand well back! ;-)

If you don't demand that he swear an oath when you accept him into your party, you can convince him through conversation to change his outlook on life, in which case his alignment will change to Chaotic Good.
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