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Available only in Throne of Bhaal: Sarevok  


Race: Half-elf

Gender: Female

Class: Multi-classed Fighter/Druid

Alignment: True Neutral



Starting Equipment: None

How to find: Jaheira is in one of the cages just north of your starting point at the beginning of the game. Find the key to her cell in the room with the weapons and armor (at 2 in Irenicus Dungeon, level 1) and use it to open her cell. She offers to join immediately.

If dropped: Goes to outside the Galvarey Estate at 21 in the Docks District.

Romance: Jaheira can be romanced if the protagonist is male and a Human, Half-elf, Elf or Halfling. The romance ties in with the Harper Hold quests. Jaheira's romance is long and difficult to follow but also, in my opinion, the most rewarding of the romances in the game. Please see Extremist's Romancing Guide (available from Sorcerer's Place) for details.

NPC Quests: At one point when traveling between areas in or outside of Athkatla you will be ambushed by a gang of bandits who have attacked and poisoned a man. After killing the thugs, the man asks to be taken to the Galvarey Estate in Athkatla. This starts off the Harper Hold quests. You can do the first few of these quests without Jaheira in the party.

The first time you enter the Sea's Bounty Tavern in the Docks District, Baron Ployer has his mages cast a curse on Jaheira. This starts off the Jaheira Gets Cursed quest.

Relations with other NPCs: Nothing that will end in hostilities or NPCs leaving the party in protest. However, if you are romancing Jaheira, she may have some less than friendly exchanges with Aerie and Viconia.

Jaheira leans toward the Good side and as such doesn't get along too well with the evil NPCs. Her exchanges with Edwin are particularly funny after the Nether Scroll transforms him.

Behavior that causes her to leave the party: If you refuse to go to the Galvarey Estate in connection with the Harper Hold quests, Jaheira leaves the party and goes to the Harper Hold. You can get her back any time, so long as you agree to go to the Galvarey Estate with her.

On Level 2 of Irenicus' Dungeon, if you insult Khalid's memory or suggest once too often that Jaheira is giving up too easily on having him resurrected, Jaheira leaves the party permanently.

If your party's reputation drops to 1 or below, Jaheira leaves the party permanently.

Jaheira also leaves permanently if your reputation is 9 or lower when you are summoned to the Galvarey Estate in connection with the Harper Hold quests and have to confront Galvarey and his party.

In Saradush (Throne of Bhaal), Jaheira leaves permanently if you kill Countess Santele or if you side with the Il-Khan soldiers who are harassing the elves.

Background information: Jaheira is one of the returning NPCs from Baldur's Gate. In the original game she was the loving wife of Khalid, and discovering his dead body in Irenicus' Dungeon was a severe blow. It takes quite a long time for her to overcome the loss and accept that she is falling in love with you if you romance her.

As a Druid, Jaheira is officially True Neutral and can be fitted into any party. However, she is also a Harper and leans strongly towards the Good side.

Many consider Jaheira an annoying and even useless character. But in my opinion her abilities as a Fighter and a Druid, along with the best NPC quests and romance in the game, more than makes up for her sometimes abrasive personality. Equip her with a Belt of Giant Strength to compensate for her mediocre Strength score and let her cast Iron Skins to protect herself and Swarm Curse to disable enemy Mages and Clerics, and she is easily one of the most useful NPCs.
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