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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 2  |  Quests in Chapter 2 
Areas in Chapter 2: Athkatla
Waukeen's Promenade  |  The Bridge District  |  The City Gate District  |  The Docks District  |  The Government District  |  The Graveyard District  |  The Slums  |  The Planar Sphere  |  The Temple District  |  The Temple District Sewers  
Areas Outside Athkatla
De'Arnise Keep  |  Trademeet  |  The Druid Grove  |  The Umar Hills  |  The Temple Ruins  |  The Windspear Hills


These quests take off when you are travelling between areas in or outside Athkatla, usually early in Chapter 2. Instead of going to the area you set out for, you find yourself in a small area with a few thugs. Kill the thugs, and a wounded man named Renfeld asks for your assistance.

The progression of the quests depends on whether Jaheira is in your party, and whether you are romancing her. Without Jaheira, only the first two quests will be available.

Part 1: Bring Renfeld to the Galvarey Estate

This part is pretty straightforward: Renfeld asks you to bring him to the Galvarey Estate in the Docks District of Athkatla:

  1. Make sure one of your stronger party members is carrying Renfeld's body. You don't want your Mage to be encumbered. ;-)

  2. Go to the Docks District.

  3. Go to the southwestern corner of the district. The Galvarey Estate is at 21.

  4. Speak to Rylock who is on guard outside the estate. He takes Renfeld from you, thanks you profusely, and the party receives 14.450 XP and 125 GP for your assistance.

Part 2: Xzar and Montaron

If you have played the original Baldur's Gate game, you may remember Xzar and Montaron, two of the NPCs from that game. Xzar will meet you at 18 in the Docks District and ask you a little favor. Montaron went spying on the harpers in the Harper Hold – apparently the Galvarey Estate is the local Harper headquarters in Athkatla – and hasn't come out yet. Xzar asks you to please go in and find the missing Thief for him.

If you are romancing Jaheira. I suggest that you do this quest right away, as it ties in with the Jaheira romance.

  1. Go back to the Galvarey Estate and speak to Rylock. He won't be too willing to let you in, but if you could do the Harpers a little favor... There is a man named Prebek who performs evil experiments, summoning animals that threaten the city. Rylock wants you to kill him.

  2. Since there is no way around it, go to Prebek's House at 5 in the Docks District. Prepare for a Mage battle and enter.

  3. Neither Prebek nor his wife Sanasha are too happy to see you, and the same goes for their pet Goblins. Kill everything in the room.

    Also loot the room, but beware that all containers are trapped.

  4. Go back to Rylock. The party gains 14,500 XP, and you are allowed to enter the Galvarey Estate.

  5. Inside the estate, feel free to speak to the Harpers on the lower floor. They will warn you not to go up to the second floor. Heed this warning, for now! You will also notice that they are all wearing identical necklaces.

  6. Go to the little series of rooms at 3 in the Galvarey Estate and have your party's Thief scan for traps (there should only be one). Loot the area thoroughly and be specially mindful to take the Harper Amulet on the table in the hindmost room.

  7. Go to the stairs to the second floor at 5. Make sure one of your party members is carrying or wearing the Harper Amulet. Then go up the stairs.

    NOTE: Some walkthroughs say that one of your party members has to wear the amulet and go up alone. I have found that you can safely go to the second floor so long as a member of the party has the Harper Amulet in their inventory or is wearing it.

  8. On the second floor, you are met by the protectors, which are Spectral Harpists. If you had gone up without the protection of the Harper Amulet, the Spectral Harpists would have attacked.

  9. Proceed to loot the place. On the table in the office at 8 you will find a note which suggests that Montaron has been turned into a bird.

  10. When done looting, go to the aviary at 11. Step up on the platform to get close and click a few times on the giant birdcage to take the bird. The party gains 20,000 XP.

  11. Go back downstairs and leave the Galvarey Estate.

  12. Outside in the Docks, go back to Xzar at 18. Speak to him and tell him Montaron was turned into this bird you brought back. Each party member gets 35,500 XP.

    Incidentally, Xzar will also tell you that the Harpers have killed both his apprentices. (Err, maybe the sneaky Harpers had *you* kill them!)

  13. Xzar takes the bird and turns it back into Montaron ... except the bird isn't Montaron! It is a Harper called Lucette.

  14. Lucette kills Xzar and tells you the Harpers have been stringing you along all the time. ;-)

  15. It only remains to loot Xzar's corpse for Bracers of Defense AC 6; a Pearl, a Black Opal, and a Water Opal; a Staff Spear +2; Scrolls of Slow, Vampiric Touch, and Friends; 907 GP; and some random treasure.

NOTE: If Jaheira is not in your party, this is the end of the Harper Hold quests.

Part 3: Summoned to the Harper Hold

If Jaheira is in your party and you are not romancing her, as soon as Lucette leaves another Harper named Meronia (one of the three Harpers you met inside the Galvarey Estate) comes to speak to Jaheira. She orders Jaheira to follow her back to the Harper Hold. No matter what you say, Jaheira leaves the party. Don't worry, she'll be back soon!

NOTE: If you are romancing Jaheira, this won't happen right away. You will first need to proceed with the romance until you get a Love talk starting with "This is a dangerous life we seem to lead, it does seem. I wonder if you always think it will be so?".

After that, you must go and rest OUTDOORS. For example, go to the De'Arnise Keep area and rest. When you wake up, you will be under attack by bandits and one of them is holding Jaheira hostage. Offer yourself as a hostage in her place; all other conversation paths ruin the romance. One of the bandits takes a shot at you and hostilities of course break out. After the battle, Meronia will turn up and summon Jaheira to the Harper Hold.

Anyway, onwards with the quests.

  1. Find a place to rest. When you wake up, Jaheira is back and offers to join the party again.

  2. However, she requests that you accompany her back to the Galvarey Estate in the Docks. You have two days to do so before Jaheira starts complaining.

  3. Go to the Docks District and find the Galvarey Estate at 21. Before entering, prepare for battle!

  4. Once inside, Galvarey asks you a series of loaded questions and, no matter what you answer, infuses his own interpretations into your answers.

  5. In the end, Galvarey insists, for the greater good, to cast an Imprisonment spell on you to protect everybody. His real motivation is his ambition to become a Herald.

    If your reputation is just decent, Jaheira will take your side. If your reputation is poor, she leaves the party permanently.

  6. Of course battle is inevitable. Your opponents are Galvarey, a Fighter named Kail, a Mage named Bessen, a Mage named Nadinal, and a Thief named Iko.

    Galvarey drops Plate Mail +1, a Potion of Extra Healing, some Arrows and Arrows +1, a Composite Long Bow, a Two-handed Sword +1, and minor treasure.

    Bessen drops Bracers of Defense AC 6, a Scroll of Spell Shield, some Darts and Darts of Stunning, and minor treasure.

    Kail drops 2 Potions of Extra Healing, a Potion of Fire Giant Strength, a Katana +1, and minor treasure.

    Nadinal drops a Quarterstaff +1, a Ring of Wizardry, and minor treasure.

    Iko drops Studded Leather Armor, Bolts and Bolts +1, a Potion of Extra Healing, 2 Potions of Invisibility, a Short Sword +1, and minor treasure.

If you return to the Copper Coronet after this, Bernard will warn Jaheira that the Harpers are looking for you and your party.

Part 4: Reviane & Co.

About four days after this fiasco, when the party is travelling outside, a Harper named Reviane approaches you. She accuses Jaheira of being a killer of Harpers.

NOTE: If you are romancing Jaheira, this happens after the lovetalk that begins with Jaheira saying, "I have been in a similar place as this before, though it was in the company of other Harpers."

Jaheira tells Reviane her side of the story. What happens now depends on the party's reputation. If your reputation is 16 or better, Reviane trusts Jaheira and leaves to speak with the Harpers.

If your reputation is 15 or lower, you will have to fight Reviane and her company. The bodies are a treasure trove:

Reviane drops Plate Mail Armor, a Ring of Protection +1, a Potion of Extra Healing, a Halberd +2, and minor treasure.

One Harper drops Plate Mail Armor, a Helmet, a Small Shield +1, a Flail +1, a Sling, 10 Bullets +1, and a Scroll of Power Word Stun.

Another Harper drops a Scroll of Power Word Stun; a Short Sword; a few Poisoned Throwing Daggers; a few Arrows of Slaying, Arrows of Biting, Arrows of Fire, and Arrows +1; a Potion of Invisibility; an Oil of Speed, Studded Leather Armor +1, and a Short Bow +1.

The third Harper drops Full Plate Mail, a Helmet, a Ring of Protection +1, a Large Shield, 2 Potions of Extra Healing, a Potion of Heroism, and a War Hammer +1.

The last Harper drops a Cloak of Protection +1, Bracers of Defense AC 6, a Scroll of Protection from Cold, a Quarterstaff +1, and a few Darts of Stunning and Darts +1.

Part 5: Dermin Courtierdale

Two days after your meeting with Reviane, when the party is travelling outside, Dermin Courtierdale turns up and addresses Jaheira. Dermin is Jaheira's old mentor in the Harpers and warns her that she – and your entire party – are now seen as killers of Harpers. (If you are romancing Jaheira, it will happen after the lovetalk that begins with Jaheira saying, "There is an ill wind in the air. Do you feel it?")

To make a long story short, Jaheira renounces her life as a Harper.

When Jaheira speaks to you, if you are romancing her, don't tell her you're happy "this garbage is over" as this will break the romance. Jaheira does not regard her life as a Harper as "garbage"! ;-)

Part 6: Dermin Courtierdale Revisited

Some days later, while you are travelling outside, Dermin approaches Jaheira again. This time he threatens Jaheira that the attacks will continue unless she makes a deal with the Harpers. (If you are romancing Jaheira, it happens after the lovetalk that begins with "How ... how did that last battle make you feel?")

To progress with the quest you must sleep outside.

  1. Next time the party rests outside, you wake up to find Jaheira gone. A man named Terminsel approaches you and hands you a note from Jaheira which he found.

  1. So, are you going to leave Jaheira to the Harpers? Hell no! Go to the Docks District in Athkatla. The entrance to the Galvarey Estate is at 21, in case you've forgotten. ;-)

  2. Enter the Galvarey Estate. You will have to fight a few Mercenaries inside.

  3. Go to the stairs at 5 and walk up. Jaheira will be more pleased to see you that she intends to show.

    Jaheira sees the fact that the Spectral Harpists are no longer here as proof that the "Harpers" here were not true Harpers. She rejoins the party.

  4. Before going back down, prepare for a battle. Downstairs waits another, stronger, band of Mercenaries. With Jaheira back in the party, don't hesitate to use Swarm Curse to quickly get the upper hand.

    Among the loot is Bracers of Defense AC 7, a Flail +1, a Sling +1, some Bullets +1, a Dagger +2, Leather Armor +1, some Potions of Invisibility, and some Potions of Extra Healing.

Of course this is not the end of the quests...

Part 7: Dermin Courtierdale & Co

Two days after the last part, let the party rest outside. When you wake up, Dermin once more approaches Jaheira. This time, however, he is not alone. Turns out Dermin was with Galvarey all along and wants to eliminate you and Jaheira and everyone else in the party for his own advancement in the Harper hierarchy.

NOTE: If you are romancing Jaheira, this happens after the lovetalk that begins with Jaheira saying, "Ah, the dawning of our day, though it is very rarely that we match our sleep to the cycle of day or night." After this, find a place to rest outside.

As so often before, battle is inevitable. You will be fighting Dermin, Chrost (a Cleric), Thenry (Fighter/Thief), Lennah (Thief/Mage), and Jeremon (Mage).

Dermin drops Full Plate Mail, a Helmet, a Large Shield, 2 Potions of Extra Healing, a Ring of Protection +1, a War Hammer +1, and minor treasure.

Chrost drops Full Plate Mail, a Helmet, a Flail +1, a Small Shield +1, some Bullets +1, a Sling, and minor treasure.

Thenry drops Studded Leather Armor +1, a Potion of Invisibility, an Oil of Speed, Arrows of Fire, Arrows +1, Arrows of Biting, a Cursed Scroll of Petrification, a Short Bow +1, a Short Sword, and some Poisoned Throwing Daggers.

Lennah drops an Amulet of Protection +1, Bracers of Defense AC 5, Bolts +1, Bolts of Lightning, Bolts of Biting, a Light Crossbow +1, a Short Sword +1, 3 Potions of Extra Healing, and minor treasure.

Jeremon drops a Cloak of Protection +1, Bracers of Defense AC 6, a Quarterstaff +1, Darts +1, Darts of Stunning, and minor treasure.

Part 8: Terminsel Returns

If you are romancing Jaheira, this end to the Harper Hold quests comes after your last lovetalk, where Jaheira asks you to spend the night with her. Then let the game run for an hour (real time!). You can either do something in the game or just set the game on pause and go have a cup of tea. :-)

If you are not romancing Jaheira, it takes a very long time. At one time I left the game running on pause for a night and Terminsel still didn't show up. So if you want the Harper Pin, I suggest that you activate the CLUAConsole and enter the following commands:


Anyway: Terminsel appears again. He chats a bit with Jaheira about her having gone against her own fellows. The big question is, Did she do the right thing? Terminsel will let Jaheira be her own judge. What happens depends on the party's reputation, and whether you are romancing Jaheira:

If you are romancing Jaheira and the party's reputation is 10 or better, or if you are not romancing her and the party's reputation is 16 or better, Jaheira is certain she did the right thing. Terminsel tells her that in that case, she should think no more of it. He gives her the Harper Pin and reveals himself to be Elminster. If the protagonist is romancing Jaheira he receives 100,000 XP!

If the party's reputation is too low (9 or worse with romance, or 15 or worse without romance), Jaheira expresses doubt that she has acted correctly. Terminsel tells her that if so, maybe she is not as much in the right as she thought. He then leaves.

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