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Overview of Chapter 3  |  Quests in Chapter 3 
Chapter 3 Areas: If you sided with the Shadow Thieves
The Graveyard District  |  The Shadow Thief Guildhall  
If you sided with Bodhi
The Graveyard District  |  The Shadow Thief Guildhall


This chapter begins after you ally yourself with Gaelan Bayle or Bodhi at the end of Chapter 2. Like the previous chapter, this one also takes place in Athkatla. The chapter plays out differently depending on who you allied with.

You can still work on tasks that you took up in Chapter 2 but focus is now on finishing a few jobs for either the Shadow Thieves or Bodhi before heading for Spellhold.

Please note that once you have allied yourself with either side, you will be the sworn enemy of the other side. If you chose Gaelan Bayle and the Shadow Thieves and you meet any of Bodhi's vampires in the streets at night, they will attack you. And if you sided with Bodhi, any Shadow Thieves you meet in the Docks will be hostile.

Most of the maps are the same as for Chapter 2 and I refer you to these if you need to find your way around Athkatla. Only the Graveyard District and the Shadow Thief Guildhouse in the Docks District are so different that I have added separate maps for these areas. Please note that these maps are different depending on which alliance you have chosen.

If you sided with Gaelan Bayle

Once you have paid Gaelan Bayle, he tells you to seek out Aran Linvail, the leader of the Shadow Thieves in Athkatla. He also gives you the key that opens the door to the cellar of the Shadow Thief Guildhall.

Aran Linvail can be found at 17 in the cellar of the guildhall. However, before he will fulfill his promise to help you find Imoen and Irenicus, he asks you to do three quests for him. He also gives you an Amulet of Power and a Ring of Protection +2.

  1. The first quest is to Protect a shipment that the Shadow Thieves are smuggling into Athkatla.

  2. Second, two of the Shadow Thieves are planning to defect to the other guild. Your job is to Seek them out and learn more about the other guild.

  3. Finally, Aran Linvail asks you to destroy the other guild by Killing Bodhi in her lair.

When you have finished all three quests, Aran takes you to the ship that will bring you to Brynnlaw and Chapter 4.

If you sided with Bodhi

Before sending you off to free Imoen and hunt down Irenicus, Bodhi needs you to perform a few tasks for her. Her guild is at war with the Shadow Thieves and she wants you to help her disrupt their operations. Bodhi will give you three quests:

  1. First, the Shadow Thieves are bringing supplies into Athkatla. Your first job is to Confiscate a shipment from them.

  2. For your second quest, Bodhi offers you the choice between a noble quest and a nasty quest.

    If you choose the noble quest, she asks you to free a spy who has been captured by the Shadow Thieves.

    If you choose the nasty quest, she asks you to kill a merchant and make sure the blame falls on the Shadow Thieves.

  3. Finally, in order to bring complete chaos on the Shadow Thieves, Bodhi asks you to kill Aran Linvail, their leader in Athkatla.

When you have performed all three quests, report back to Bodhi who will then take you to the ship that will bring you to Brynnlaw and Chapter 4.
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