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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 3  |  Quests in Chapter 3 
Chapter 3 Areas: If you sided with the Shadow Thieves
The Graveyard District  |  The Shadow Thief Guildhall  
If you sided with Bodhi
The Graveyard District  |  The Shadow Thief Guildhall


Since you allied with Bodhi, expect everybody in the guildhall to be your enemy!

  1. Here is the entrance from the Docks District. You will immediately be attacked by several Thieves and a Mage. The Mage drops a Mage Robe of Fire Resistance and 20 Darts +1.

  2. Here are another few Thieves and a Mage who drops a Mage Robe of Fire Resistance and 20 Darts +1.

    This is also where you find the stairs up to the second floor.

  3. Here is the door to the cellar. The door can only be opened with the Shadow Thief Cellar Key which you should have gotten from Gaelan Bayle.

  1. Here are the stairs down to the first floor and a door out to the Docks.
    If you come here in connection with Bodhi's quest to Free a traitor, you will have to fight several Thieves and a Mage here.

    The chest at (x=400, y=480) contains 5 Potions of Extra Healing and 2 Potions of Fire Resistance. The other containers hold a Diamond, a Garnet Gem, and some cash.

  2. If you are on Bodhi's quest to free a traitor, here is where you will find the traitor, Patern Flynn.

    The chest at (x=470, y=260) is trapped and contains 5 Potions of Extra Healing and a Potion of Agility. The remaining containers hold minor treasure.

  3. Here are a couple of chests (one of them is trapped) with minor treasure.

    A small container in the boxes at (x=1190, y=725) contains a Light Crossbow, 60 Bolts, and 10 Bolts +1.

  1. Here are the stairs back up to the first floor.

    When you enter here, you will come under attack by a number of Shadow Thieves. One of them drops about 15 Poisoned Throwing Daggers and an Antidote.

  2. Here is a hidden door into the hall that leads Aran Linvail's private chamber.

  3. Here are a few Orcs and Orc Archers. The Archers may drop a few Arrows +1.

  4. Here is an exit out into the Docks. You can't get back in if you exit this way.

  5. Here is the Shadow Thief prison. When you approach the door, Tizzak speaks to you from the other side. He is the agent that Bodhi mentioned who was caught by the Shadow Thieves.

    To free him, you need the prison key which Booter has at 12. When freed, Tizzak tells you how to find Aran Linvail. Aran's inner sanctum is protected by two magical doors. You must find a button for the first and a key for the second (the door at 27). The button can be found to the north at the end of a heavily trapped hallway (you will find it at 18). The key is probably with Aran's most trusted advisor, a wizard called Haz (he is at 22).

  6. Here is Booter, the torturer. Kill him, and he drops the Shadow Thief Prison Key and a Two-handed Sword +2.

  7. Here is a Shadow Thief and a Shadow Thief Mage. Beware the Mage's Fear spell – you don't want your party running frightened into the room at 14.

    The Mage drops a Laeral's Tear Necklace, some cash, and a Scroll of Death Spell.

  8. Here you will have to fight several Shadow Thieves, some of them on isolated platforms, and here will also be a Priest of the Mask. Moreover, a trap goes off to cast a Cloudkill spell in the middle of the platforms where your NPCs insist on going through to get at the enemies.

  9. Here you will have to fight Dedral, a high level fighter with more than 100 HP, along with four Shadow Thieves. There are also a few Maze traps in the floor.

    Dedral drops Full Plate Mail and a Ring of Lockpicks; the other Thieves drop only mundane stuff and minor treasure.

    The various containers hold only minor treasure.

  10. There are a couple of traps in the floor along this corridor.

  11. Watch out for the Fireball trap here.

  12. To get to the red button you have to send one of your party members over the roll. Whoever goes over will take some damage, so pick someone with hit points to spare. Click the button to open one of the doors into Aran Linvail's chamber.

  13. Down this corridor, watch out for a Lightning Bolt trap and a few Orcs. The Orc Archers drop some Arrows +1.

  14. In this room, you can only get to the bridge through the hidden door at 8. The door to the northwest is locked until you have pressed the button at 18.

  15. Here is another floor trap.

  16. Here is Haz along with a few Shadow Thieves. Haz drops a Quarterstaff and the Key to Aran's Lair which you need to open the door at 27.

    The containers hold only minor treasure.

  17. Here is a Priest of the Mask.

  18. This door can't be opened.

  19. Watch out for a trap around here.

  20. At the foot of the bridge, you will be attacked by an Air Elemental.

  21. Here is the entrance to Aran Linvail's sanctum. Before entering, prepare for battle.

  22. Here is Aran Linvail and his company of Priests of the Mask and Shadow Thieves. Aran himself is a high-level Thief/Mage. If Jaheira or Cernd (or yourself, if you are playing a Druid) can get off Insect Plague, it could make the battle a lot easier.

    Aran drops an Amulet of Power, Elven Chain +1, 10 Bolts of Biting, 20 Bolts +1, a Potion of Invisibility, 3 Potions of Extra Healing, a Wand of Fear, a Ring of Protection +2, a Wooden Stake, a Light Crossbow +2, a Short Sword +2, 20 Bolts, and 143 GP.

    One of Aran's allies drops a Potion of Mind Focusing.

    The cupboard at (x=4490, y=1930) contains a Katana +2 and a Ring of Djinni Summoning.

    Aran's safe at (x=4750, y=1860) contains minor treasure.

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