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This is the final chapter in Shadows of Amn where you finally get to defeat Irenicus - if you can, of course! And not only that, you get to defeat him twice!

Chapter 7 begins when you enter the Elven city of Suldanessellar and ends when you have defeated Irenicus for the final time. But before you can do that, you first have to find Irenicus.

When you enter Suldanessellar, you will witness a short cutscene where Elhan advices you to find Ellesime, the Queen of Suldanessellar. Failing that, he suggests that you find High Priestess Denim. He also tells you that Irenicus has unleashed monsters on the city led by Rakshasa.

You can find Denim in her house at 10 on the map of Suldanessellar. Denim tells you that the way to Ellesime's Palace has been blocked and that in order to open the way, you will need to summon the Avatar of the Leaflord Rillifane himself. So you have no choice but to find the three items that will summon the Leaflord.

Incidentally, Denim can also give you the background for Irenicus' hatred of the Elves, and why he needed your divine soul.

When you have gathered the Talisman, the Golden Goblet, and the Moonblade, go to the Temple at 18 and place them all on the altar. Rillifane appears and tells you that the door to the Palace has been opened. He also tells you that Irenicus is trying to join the Seldarine, the Elven Gods.

Before entering the Palace, make sure to find the Stone Horn and the Stone Harp. Then enter the Palace and use the Horn and Harp to open the way to the Tree of Life. Ellesime's image appears to tell you that Irenicus is using parasites to drain the Tree of its power and transfer it to him. Kill the three parasites you find on the tree.

Once done, you get to face Irenicus in what you thought would be the final showdown. Except it wasn't. When Irenicus dies, he goes to Hell - with your divine soul, which means you and your party follow him down into Hell!

In Hell you will have to complete five tests, of Pride, Fear, Selfishness, Greed, and Wrath. Each of these tests can be done in a Good or an Evil way, and each way earns you a bonus.

Once the tests have been completed, you are ready for your FINAL (and this time I mean it!) showdown with Irenicus. He will come out of the door in Hell in Slayer form and accompanied with a host of Demons! Defeat him one final time, and you will be resurrected in Suldanessellar for a grand party in your honor.

Of course if you have installed the Throne of Bhaal extension, the story doesn't end here. For a Child of Bhaal, life holds little peace. You will immediately be forwarded to Throne of Bhaal. ;-)
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