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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 7  |  Quests in Chapter 7 
Areas in Chapter 7
Suldanessellar  |  The Forest Grove  |  Queen Ellesime's Palace  |  The Tree of Life  |  Hell


Ah, sweet Suldanessellar ... except that the Elven city isn't so very sweet at the moment! It is under siege by Irenicus and the monsters he has unleashed on the city.

Your job is to find and rescue Ellesime and kill Irenicus. The problem is, they are on the Tree of Life, and Irenicus has sealed off the gate to the palace at 17. To open the gate, you will have to summon the Avatar of Rillifane the Leaflord.

  1. This is where you arrive in Suldanessellar. Elhan will give you a short briefing about what is going on and what you should do. Irenicus has apparently unleashed Rakshasa on the city. You should seek out the high priestess Denim for advice. In the meantime, he and his men will move out to fight the monsters in the city.

  2. Here is the House of the Horn. Enter and you will have to fight two Stone Golems and a Clay Golem. As usual, use magical cutting weapons against the Stone Golems and magical blunt weapons against the Clay Golem. (Or use the Crom Faeyr, which can instantly kill both types of Golems!)

    After the battle, once you have told the frightened Elves that Elhan is waiting at the entrance to the city, loot the place:

    The container at (x=230, y=250) contains 40 Arrows of Ice and minor treasure.

    The container at (x=630, y=260) contains a Cloak of Elvenkind.

    The big container at (x=640, y=320) contains 20 Darts +1, and 20 Darts of Wounding, as well as the Stone Horn which you will need once you enter the Palace in order to open the way to the Tree of Life.

    The container at (x=700, y=350) contains 40 Bolts of Lightning, some mundane weapons and minor treasure.

  3. Here you will encounter an Adamantite Golem and two Stone Golems.

  4. Here are another Adamantite Golem and two Stone Golems. Once you have beaten them, there are two frightened children up on the platform whom you should advice to get to the city entrance to be evacuated.

  5. Down here are a couple of Trolls fighting the elves.

  6. Here is the House of the Priest.

    The container at (x=230, y=250) contains a Scroll of Time Stop and the Elven Priest Stone. You'll need the stone in the House of the Priest at 7.

    The container at (x=630, y=260) contains 5 Arrows +1.

  7. Here is the House of the Talisman. You can use the altar to the right at (x=660, y=320) but you need the Elven Priest Stone from the House of the Priest at 6 to figure out in which order to press the five buttons. If you don't get the order right, you'll take some Acid damage.

    The stone tells you the correct order to press the buttons: Corellan, Rillifane, Water, Tree of Life, Suldanessellar.

    When you have pressed the buttons in the right order, the party gains the Talisman of Rillifane, which is one of the three items you need to bring to the Temple at 18.

    While you are here, the table at the top of the room at (x=410, y=200) contains a Scroll of Meteor Swarm.

  8. Here are a few Skeleton Warriors for you to fight. Each drops a Two-handed Sword +1 and some minor items.

  9. Here is the Drow Priest Raamilat and his pet Nabassu, a minor Demon. Raamilat will engage you briefly in conversation before attacking. He casts Mirror Image, Fire Shield: Red and other defenses. Respond as necessary. Raamilat drops a Quarterstaff +1.

  10. Here is Denim's House. Denim the High Priestess is under attack by three Rakshasa. One of them, Adsaan, drops a Girdle of Stone Giant Strength.

    Once all enemies have been killed, speak to Denim to get her advice on the situation. Denim advices you to awaken the Avatar of the Leaflord, Rillifane. To do this, you must bring a Talisman, a Golden Cup, and a Moonblade to the Temple of Rillifane at 18.

    The Talisman can be obtained in the House of the Talisman at 7, the Golden Cup is in the possession of the Dragon in the Forest Grove at 13, and the Moonblade is in the House of the Moon at 14.

    You can loot the table at (x=290, y=270) for 80 Arrows +1, 40 Arrows of Biting, 40 Bullets +2, and 40 Darts of Stunning.

    The container at (x=410, y=210) can be looted for a Scroll of Absolute Immunity, 40 Bolts +1, and 40 Bolts +2.

  11. Here is a battle with a Stone Golem, a Sand Golem, and two Iron Golems.

  12. Up here is the Harpist's House. The container at (x=200, y=250) contains the Stone Harp which you will need once you enter the Palace in order to open the way to the Tree of Life.

  13. Here is the entrance to the Forest Grove. You have to go down here and kill the Dragon Nizidramanii'yt for the Golden Goblet of Life, which is one of the three items you need to bring to the temple at 18.

  14. Here is the House of the Moon. Enter, and you will witness an exchange between an Elven Warrior and a Balor. The Warrior uses the Moonblade's power to kill himself and at the same time banish the Balor back to Hell.

    Loot the Elven Warrior's body for the Moonblade, which is one of the three items you need to bring to the temple at 18.

    The container at (x=410, y=200) can be looted for a pair of Boots of Elvenkind.
    The small container next to it at (x=480, y=210) contains some money and a Scroll of Gate.

  15. Not necessarily the first time, but one time you come by here, you'll witness a battle between Elves and Rakshasa. Help the Elves fight the vile monsters! Beware of Fear spells, as your NPCs are of little use if they are running around screaming. ;-)

  16. Here is the gate into the palace. You may be able to talk your way past the guard; otherwise you'll have to summon the Avatar of Rillifane in the Temple at 18.

  17. Here is the entrance to the palace. You can't enter until you have summoned the Avatar of Rillifane at the Temple at 18.

  18. Outside the entrance to the Temple you'll have to fight three Rajahs and two Maharajahs.

    Inside waits an Iron Golem, a Rakshasa, a Glabrezu, and a mage called Suneer. Try to get Suneer first, before he can put up defenses and devastate the party with spells like Hold and Fear.

    Once all monsters have been defeated, place the Talisman (found in the House of the Talisman at 7), the Golden Goblet of Life (from the Forest Grove; the entrance is at 13), and the Moonblade (from the House of the Moon at 14) on the altar at (x=480, y=480). Each party member gains 65,000 XP and Rillifane's Avatar appears. After a short briefing of the situation, Rillifane releases his Elven Spirits who proceed to kill the monsters that have invaded Suldanessellar. You can now enter the palace at 16.

    Rillifane also gives the party the Staff of the Woodlands +4; a nice item for Jaheira or Cernd - or for yourself, if you are playing a Druid.

    After you have killed the monsters and summoned Rillifane's Avatar, Reirra appears outside the Temple. She sells a number of interesting items; click here for her shop inventory.

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