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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 3  |  Quests in Chapter 3 
Chapter 3 Areas: If you sided with the Shadow Thieves
The Graveyard District  |  The Shadow Thief Guildhall  
If you sided with Bodhi
The Graveyard District  |  The Shadow Thief Guildhall


If you have allied yourself with the Shadow Thieves, you are more than welcome in the guildhall. Your first goal is to find Aran Linvail who is well hidden in the cellar. But open the door at 3 on the first floor and make your way to 17, and you will find Aran.

  1. Here is the entrance from the Docks District. Here you will also find the same Black Market Thief as in Chapter 2 with the same shop inventory.

  2. Here are the stairs to the second floor.

  3. Here is the door that leads to the cellar. With the Shadow Thief Cellar Key you got from Gaelan Bayle, you can now enter here.

  1. Here are the stairs back to the first floor and also a door out to the Docks District.

  2. Here is Renal Bloodscalp. As in Chapter 2, he is eager to give you the Mae'Var quest, if you haven't already accepted it.

Since you have allied with the Shadow Thieves, the cellar area is rather pointless. You can make your way directly to 17 and speak to Aran Linvail; there is little point exploring the rest of the area. Go to 16 and speak to the Shadow Thief there if you are interested in a Ring of Lock Picks.

  1. Here is where you arrive in the cellar. You can chat with Tassa, Cuchul, and Mitsu, but none of them offer any valuable information.

    There is a secret door in the upper right wall which you will need to find and open to get to Aran Linvail.

  2. Here is another exit to the Docks District.

  3. Here is the Shadow Thief Prison. None of the prisoners offer any useful information.

  4. Here is the torture room.

  5. Missy will demand that you give her your coat (though she won't take anything from you). Apparently being coat check girl in a guildhall full of thieves can be a trying job. ;-)

    The coat at (x=500, y=1650) can be looted for a bit of gold.

  6. A couple of trainees will be having a training session here.

  7. And here you can watch Pelenna instruct another trainee in use of the Bow. Once done, she will tell you how to find Aran Linvail: Go back to the room at 6 where you entered, find the hidden door in the wall, and follow the corridor.

  8. Here, another trainee gets himself killed trying to unravel the traps.

  9. Here is another trainee totally missing Krin sneaking up on him.

  10. Here is a door out to a balcony overlooking the Docks District.

  11. Speak to the Shadow Thief in this room, and he will reveal his plot to assassinate Aran Linvail. Unfortunately for him, he hasn't spotted that another Shadow Thief is hiding in the shadows. The second thief kills him for his treachery, and he drops a Dagger and a Ring of Lock Picks.

  12. Down here you will finally meet Aran Linvail. He will help you find Imoen but first he needs your help for three jobs: To Protect the Shipment, to Seek out Two Traitors, and finally to Attack Bodhi's Lair.

    Aran gives you a Ring of Protection +2 and the Amulet of Power. Since the amulet is not usable by Fighters and Thieves, I normally give it to my best Cleric.

    If Yoshimo is in your party, he will repeatedly voice concerns over the path you have chosen.

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