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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 2  |  Quests in Chapter 2 
Areas in Chapter 2: Athkatla
Waukeen's Promenade  |  The Bridge District  |  The City Gate District  |  The Docks District  |  The Government District  |  The Graveyard District  |  The Slums  |  The Planar Sphere  |  The Temple District  |  The Temple District Sewers  
Areas Outside Athkatla
De'Arnise Keep  |  Trademeet  |  The Druid Grove  |  The Umar Hills  |  The Temple Ruins  |  The Windspear Hills


This is the Thief class quest. At the start of Chapter 2, if you are a Thief, Gaelan Bayle suggests that you should try to find employment in the Docks District of Athkatla.

When you enter the Docks, if Yoshimo is in your party, he tells you that he has promised to meet Renal Bloodscalp, a high-ranking Shadow Thief. If Yoshimo is not in your party, just go to the Shadow Thief Guildhall anyway. It is at 4 on the map of the Docks District. Enter, go up to the second floor, and find Renal Bloodscalp at 5 on the map of the Shadow Thief Guildhall.

Renal has a problem: He doesn't trust one of his guildmasters, a rather ambitious fellow named Mae'Var. Your job is to pose as Shadow Thieves and try to find evidence that Mae'Var is a traitor.

All classes can do the quest but only Thieves are offered a stronghold on completion of the quest.

Prologue: Gaining access to Mae'Var's Guild

  1. Renal Bloodscalp gives you a Letter of Transfer which should prove to Mae'Var and his guild that you are indeed Shadow Thieves.

  2. With the letter, go back out into the Docks District and find Mae'Var's Guildhall at 13 on that map.

  3. Enter Mae'Var's Guildhall and speak to the front man, Gorch. He takes the letter of transfer and accepts that you are here to see Mae'Var. You now have access to the entire guildhall.

  4. For the time being, just find the stairs at 3 and go down to the cellar. You can find Mae'Var torturing a prisoner at 8. He will try to intimidate you a bit before giving you his first task.

Job 1: Stealing from a Church

The first job Mae'Var gives you is a piece of petty theft to test your loyalty and skill. The job itself depends on your reputation. If the party's reputation is 10 or better, he orders you to steal the amulet of the Weathermistress in the Temple of Talos. If your reputation is 9 or lower, he tells you to steal a Statue of Lathander from the Temple of Lathander.

The Good Task: Temple of Talos

  1. If it is not night, go rest or do something else until nightfall. You want the Weathermistress to be soundly asleep and her amulet unguarded when you burgle the temple.

  2. Go to the Temple District. The entrance to the Temple of Talos is at 7 on that map.

  3. Enter the Temple of Talos. Weathermistress Ada is sleeping heavily at 3, so send your party's Thief in there. Lockpick the chest beside her bed and loot it for the Necklace of Talos.

    The party receives 20,000 XP for stealing the amulet.

  4. Go back to Mae'Var and give him the amulet. The party receives another 29,500 XP. Mae'Var also tells you to go speak to his second-in-command, a wizard called Edwin, who can be found on the third floor of the guildhall.

The Evil Task: Temple of Lathander

  1. If it is not night, rest or do other quests until nightfall. At night there are less guards in the temples.

  2. Go to the Temple District. The entrance to the Temple of Lathander is at 3 on this map.

  3. Enter the Temple of Lathander. The Statue of Lathander is in a strongbox at 2. However Dawnmaster Kreel is hanging around. At day there are also two Morning Knights. You can't burgle the temple's strongbox so long as anybody is there. If you do, the entire temple turns hostile on you.

  4. Have your party Thief hide in the shadows, and have everybody else leave the area – eventually going outside into the Temple District. Wait for Dawnmaster Kreel to go away.

  5. When he is out of sight, pick the lock on the strongbox and take the Statue of Lathander.

  6. Go back to Mae'Var and deliver the statue for 29,500 XP.

Job 2: Edwin's Enemy

Go upstairs to the third floor, stopping on the second floor to thoroughly loot all the locked and trapped "doors" at 12. You will find Edwin at 14. Edwin is an old acquaintance from Baldur's Gate and a joinable NPC once you have done a few quests for him.

He is also the arch-enemy of Minsc who will huff and puff and threaten Edwin. Make sure to keep them away from each others' throats for now! ;-)

Edwin's first assignment to you is to kill a Cowled Wizard who is investigating him. The wizard, named Rayic Gethras, can be found in his house in the Docks District.

  1. Exit to the Docks District. Go to 20 where you will find the entrance to Rayic Gethras' home.

  2. Enter and kill the Mephits you find on the first floor.

  3. On the second floor, kill the two Stone Golems.

  4. Before going up to the third floor, prepare for battle against a Mage. He will put up spell defenses, so have Breach and Remove Magic ready to rip them down. True Seeing also comes in handy against Mislead, Improved Invisibility, and other illusion spells.

  5. Go to the third floor. Tell Rayic you are here to kill him, then do so for 9,000 XP.

  6. Make sure to search for traps and loot his house for anything valuable.

  7. Get back to Mae'Var's Guildhall and report back to Edwin. The party gains 20,000 XP. And Edwin is ready with another task for you:

Job 3: Edwin's Documents

Edwin needs some documents that are in the possession of a merchant named Marcus. He can be found in the Sea's Bounty Tavern.

  1. Exit to the Docks District and go to 11 to find the Sea's Bounty Tavern.

  2. Enter the Sea's Bounty Tavern. Marcus will be near the entrance on the first floor.

  3. Marcus won't hand over the documents voluntarily. You can either pay him 200 GP, break his neck, or pickpocket him for the documents. If you have to fight him, the party loses a fair bit of reputation, so try to avoid bloodshed!

  4. Go back to Edwin with the Documents. The party gains 10,000 XP and Edwin refers you to Mae'Var for your next assignment.

Job 4: A Traitor is Dealt With

Go back down to Mae'Var who has a special assignment for you: There is a traitor amongst the flock and Mae'Var wants you to "deal" with him. Said traitor must be pretty dense, for he is hiding on the upper floor of the Sea's Bounty Tavern, right next to the guildhall!

  1. Exit to the Docks District and go to 11 to find the Sea's Bounty Tavern.

  2. Enter the door to the upper floor. The traitor, Embarl, can be found in the back of the room.

  3. Speak to him. He claims that Mae'Var wants him dead because he has overheard Mae'Var plotting treason. Unfortunately he can't prove it and refuses to go with you to Renal Bloodscalp.

  4. Depending on your mood, you can either kill him or just ask him for his dagger.

  5. Return with Embarl's Dagger to Mae'Var. The party receives 18,750 XP. Mae'Var suggests that you speak to Edwin for further assignments.

Job 5: Treason!

Go back to the third floor and speak to Edwin. As it turns out, he knows you are here to spy on Mae'Var, and he offers his help.

Edwin offers to join your party. If you turn him down, he gives you Mae'Var's Strongbox Key and goes to the Copper Coronet.

  1. Go back down to the second floor and enter Mae'Var's office at 11.

  2. Loot his strongbox for Mae'Var's Letter and a pair of Boots of Stealth.

  3. Go back to the Shadow Thief Guildhall and seek out Renal Bloodscalp on the second floor. Tell him what you've found out. The party gains 48,250 XP and a final quest:

Job 6: Elimination!

Renal wants you to kill Mae'Var for his transgressions! From now on, everybody in Mae'Var's Guildhall will be your enemies.

  1. You could fight your way through the entire guildhall but why make things harder for yourself? Go out into the Docks District. There is an entrance into Mae'Var's cellar at 16.

  2. As soon as Mae'Var sees you, he realizes why you are here. You have to fight him, a Priest of Cyric, and a few Assassins.

    Try to avoid using any area effect spells that hurt neutrals, such as Fireball. You don't want to kill Kamuzu in the cell at 7.

    None of them drop anything spectacular, with the exception of Mae'Var who drops: Shadow Armor, 40 Arrows, a Potion of Extra Healing, a Scroll of Oracle, a Pearl, a Sphene Gem, a Water Opal, a Gold Ring, a Short Sword, a Composite Long Bow, and plenty of cash.

  3. Before leaving, I suggest that you speak with Kamuzu in the cell at 7 and let him go – especially if you are a Thief. He will prove a useful ally if you take over the guildhall.

  4. Return to Renal Bloodscalp for your reward. Each party member receives 45,500 XP. The party also gets 10,500 GP and a Short Sword of Backstabbing.

    If you are not a Thief, this completes the quest.

    If you are a Thief, Renal offers you to take over Mae'Var's guild as your own. If you accept, this sets off the Thief Stronghold quests. On the map of the Docks District, Mae'Var's Guildhall also now shows as "[Your name]'s Guildhall".

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