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Available only in Throne of Bhaal: Sarevok  


Race: Human

Gender: Male

Class: Mage (Conjurer kit)

Alignment: Lawful Evil



Starting Equipment:

How to find: Go to the Docks District in Athkatla. Enter the Shadow Thief Guildhall and seek out Renal Bloodscalp, and accept his quest to spy on Mae'var. Go to Mae'var's Guild and speak to him and accept his quests until he refers you to Edwin, who can be found on the second floor of the building. After doing a few small quests for Edwin and Mae'var, Edwin will call your bluff and offer to help you find incriminating evidence against Mae'var. He also offers to join the party at this point

If dropped: Goes to the Copper Coronet.

Romance: No.

NPC Quest: The Nether Scroll – when you enter the Graveyard District, Edwin will mumble something about an ancient scroll, the "Nether Scroll", being hidden somewhere in the nether crypts. Help him find the Nether Scroll, and in a few days' time he will decipher a part of it, gaining a substantial XP bonus. His later experiments turn out somewhat worse, though. ;-)

Relations with other NPCs: Edwin constantly teases Minsc with the fact that Minsc's witch, Dynaheir, was killed by Irenicus. This will end with a fight to the death.

I have read that Edwin will also get into a fight with Valygar; however I haven't been able to get them to fight.

Edwin's arrogant nature grates on several of the NPCs and many take the opportunity to tease him when the Nether Scroll transforms him into a woman. :-)

Behavior that causes him to leave the party: Edwin leaves the party permanently if your reputation rises to 19 or higher.

He also leaves the party and attacks you if you turn him over to Degarden in connection with the Nether Scroll quest.

Background information: Edwin, one of the Red Wizards of Thay, is a returning NPC from Baldur's Gate, where he was on a quest to kill Minsc's witch Dynaheir. With his high Intelligence score, his specialization as a Conjurer and not least his special Amulet, which allows him to memorize two extra spells per level, he is easily the best mage in the game. His role in combat should be strictly in the back, slinging spells, spells, and more spells at the enemy.
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