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Available only in Throne of Bhaal: Sarevok  


Race: Gnome

Gender: Male

Class: Multi-classed Thief/Illusionist

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral



Starting Equipment:

How to find: Go to the Government District and seek him out at 10. He will have a little run-in with the local law for sale of illegal gadgets. Tell the officer you were only talking about the weather, and he will leave, grumbling. Jan now offers to join the party.

If dropped: Goes to the Jansen home in the Slums District.

Romance: No.

NPC Quest: Jan is called home – about 12 days after he joins your party, Jan is called home because Lissa, a former girlfriend of his, has turned up with her daughter who is very sick. You now have to save the girl's life.

Relations with other NPCs: Jan will annoy the other NPCs to no end with his convoluted (and somewhat less than truthful!) stories about turnips, his innumerable family members, and illegal trade but somehow everybody tolerates him – at least to the point of not walking out and slamming the door after themselves.

One of his more amusing stories is the one about Ano the Dung Orc, which he will only tell if Anomen is in the party, to Ano(men)'s great irritation. ;-)

Behavior that causes him to leave the party: Jan leaves permanently if your reputation drops to 1 or lower.

When Jan is called home, you have to accompany him to his home in the Slums within a reasonable time (a few days should do it).

Background information: Jan Jansen hails from a large and influential family of Gnomes. He has (if you can believe his stories, which you sometimes can!) pursued a number of careers in his past, from monkey smuggling, illegal trade, fabrication of illegal items, and anything illegal and profitable in general.

In the real world, Jan tends to divide players between those who can't stand him and those who love him for his crazy antics. I fall in the group in-between of players who will, at the very least, tolerate him.

Jan is the only thief who you can have through all of Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal who keeps gaining levels as a Thief. Imoen and Nalia are dual-classed and won't gain more Thief levels, and Yoshimo isn't available after you enter the Asylum in Chapter 4. In combat Jan belongs way behind the front line with his trusty Flasher Launcher crossbow and his arsenal of spells.
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