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Available only in Throne of Bhaal: Sarevok  


Race: Elf (Avariel)

Gender: Female

: Multi-classed Cleric/Mage

: Lawful Good



Starting Equipment:

How to find: Go to the Circus tent in Waukeen's Promenade and ask the guard outside to let you investigate. Enter the Circus. Aerie will be on the second level of the circus.

NOTE: She appears as an ogre the first time you see her. This is an illusion. Get her sword from the two "peasants" (who are really orcs), and she will be free of the illusion and offer to join your party.

If you don't bring her along the first time, once you have finished the Circus quest, Aerie will be inside the Circus tent.

If dropped: Aerie goes back to the Circus.

Exception: If Aerie leaves the party permanently, she will no longer be available.

Romance: Aerie can be romanced if the protagonist is a male Human, Elf, Half-elf, Halfling or Gnome. Please see Extremist's Romance Guide (available here) for details.

NPC Quest: None; however if you haven't got the quest to free Haer'Dalis (Bard Stronghold quest), after a few days with Aerie in the party you will meet a messenger somewhere in Athkatla. He will ask you to return to the Circus where Aerie's foster uncle Quayle (one of the NPCs from Baldur's Gate) wants to talk to her. When you return, Quayle will ask you to speak to his old friend Raelis Shai in the Five Flagons Inn in the Bridge District. This starts off the Haer'Dalis quest.

Relations with other NPCs: Korgan and Aerie don't get along at all. Korgan keeps teasing Aerie about her missing wings, and in the end Aerie gives you an ultimatum: If you don't boot Korgan from the party within 24 hours, she will leave instead. 24 hours later, if both are still in the party, Aerie leaves permanently and is no longer available.

If Anomen fails his test, Aerie will try to soothe him. But Anomen sees this as an insult and attacks her. Order her to run around and avoid him for a while, and he should stop automatically. The same dialog comes up again repeatedly but they won't be fighting.

After Dynaheir's death, Minsc is looking for a new witch to protect. He will latch on to Aerie, who gladly accepts his protection. If Aerie is killed in combat later, this will cause Minsc to go berserk.

If you are pursuing a romance with Aerie, she may have less than friendly exchanges with Jaheira and especially Viconia; but this will not lead to any fights to the death or NPCs leaving the party.

More seriously, if you are pursuing a romance with Aerie and Haer'Dalis is in the party, he also falls in love with Aerie. This situation has to be handled very carefully, or you will break the romance and possibly end up having to fight Haer'Dalis. Please see Extremist's Romance Guide for details on how to avoid this.

Behavior that causes her to leave the party: Aerie leaves the party permanently if the party's reputation drops to 2 or below.

She will also leave permanently if you pursue her romance to the point where you sleep with her and then say the wrong things next morning. Please see Extremist's Romance Guide (available from Sorcerer's Place) for details.

At 13 in Saradush (Throne of Bhaal), Aerie will leave the party if you urge the Il-Khan Soldiers to kill the elves.

Background Information: Aerie is a member of the race of winged Elves, the Avariel. As a young elf she was captured by slavers and sold to the circus as a curiosity. Her wings atrophied and had to be amputated, and Aerie is deeply traumatized by this.

Fortunately Quayle, one of the joinable NPCs from the original Baldur's Gate game, joined the circus and took care of her, and she still regards him as her "uncle" and mentor. As a result she is a follower of the Gnomen god Baervan Wildwanderer.

Interestingly, as an Elf Aerie shouldn't be able to be a multi-classed Cleric/Mage. A Gnome can, but if she was counted as a Gnome (being taught by Quayle), she would have to be a Cleric/Illusionist. I suppose only the protagonist has to obey the 2nd Edition rules. ;-)
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