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Available only in Throne of Bhaal: Sarevok  


Race: Halfling

Gender: Female

Class: Fighter

Alignment: Lawful Good



If you find Mazzy at a later stage, she will have put additional proficiency points into Short Swords.

Starting Equipment:

How to find: Go to the Government District in Athkatla and speak to Delon to get the Deaths in the Umar Hills quest. Alternatively, speak to Tolgerias in the Council of Six Building to get the Find Valygar quest. Travel to the Umar Hills and speak to the mayor. Travel to the Temple Ruins and enter the First Level of the Dungeon. You will find Mazzy in a cell in this dungeon.

If dropped: Goes to the Fentan Home in Trademeet.

Romance: No

NPC Quests: Mazzy's Sister Gets Poisoned – some time after you join up with Mazzy, her sister's boyfriend seeks her out to tell her he has poisoned Mazzy's sister. You have to travel to Trademeet to resolve this issue.

Mazzy and the Ogre – the first time you enter the Slums District with Mazzy, an ogre named Gorf the Squisher will be bullying people outside the Copper Coronet. Mazzy of course challenges him to a one-on-one duel...

Relations with other NPCs: No NPC incompatibilities. While Mazzy is naturally not overly fond of the evil NPCs, she will not attack any of them. In fact she flirts a bit with Korgan but ultimately decides that the evil dwarf and his "That's what she said!"-type of humor is not really her style.

Mazzy comes to regard Valygar as her squire. Valygar is initially reluctant but eventually gives in, probably realizing that this is easier than arguing the point, and yields the same results. ;-)

Behavior that causes her to leave the party: Mazzy leaves the party permanently if your reputation drops below 2.

She also leaves the party permanently if you side with Bodhi at the end of Chapter 2.

At 13 in Saradush (Throne of Bhaal), Mazzy will leave the party and attack you if you urge the Il-Khan Soldiers to kill the elves.

Background information: Mazzy Fentan hails from a Halfling family in Trademeet and has been adventuring for several years. Her latest adventure, however, ended in a disaster when the entire company was caught and killed by a Shade Lord, Mazzy being the last survivor when you find her in the Shade Lord's dungeon.

She is as close as a Halfling can come to being a Paladin and has several Paladin abilities such as Haste, Invoke Courage, Lay on Hands, and Strength.

When you find her, she has five proficiency points in Short Bow. Depending on your own level when you find Mazzy, she will also have one, three or four proficiency points in Short Swords. Since the available Short Swords in Baldur's Gate II aren't great, it pays off to find Mazzy quickly and putting her proficiency points in another weapon type.

Mazzy is extremely versatile in combat and can serve both from the back with her bow and on the front line with a melee weapon. If you have her wade into melee, it pays off to give her a Girdle of Giant Strength or another strength-enhancing item to offset her rather mediocre Strength score.
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