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Available only in Throne of Bhaal: Sarevok  


Race: Human

Gender: Male

Class: Paladin (Inquisitor kit)

Alignment: Lawful Good



Starting Equipment:

How to find: Go to the Temple District and enter the Sewers. Keldorn can be found near the entrance to the Cult of the Unseeing Eye area. He offers to join.

If dropped: Goes to the Order of the Most Radiant Heart.

Romance: No, he is happily (?) married.

NPC Quest: Keldorn Returns Home – the first time you enter the Government District with Keldorn in your party, he expresses a wish to visit his home. It turns out that his wife Maria has been a little too bored in his absence and you now have to save (or ruin;-) their marriage.

Relations with other NPCs: Until Anomen's test, Keldorn will try to lecture Anomen on the right way to act as a Paladin, which annoys Anomen to no end. If Anomen is accepted into the Order, he will realize that Keldorn was right and apologize for his behavior.

If Anomen is rejected by the Order of the Most Radiant Heart, Keldorn's attempts to soothe him will annoy Anomen to the point where he attacks Keldorn.

Keldorn can't stand Viconia, evil Drow Elf that she is. At one point he warns you that if Viconia is still in the party the next day, he will kill her. If Viconia is in the party 24 hours later, they will both leave the party and fight to the death.

Keldorn has rather animated discussions on the merits of Order vs. Nature with Cernd. They don't end up in a fight but the discussions turn out fruitless, with the two of them barely agreeing to disagree. Reminds me of a couple of Alleys on Sorcerer's Place... :-)

Behavior that causes him to leave the party: If the party's reputation drops to 5 or lower, Keldorn becomes a Fallen Paladin. Keldorn leaves the party permanently if your reputation drops to 2 or lower.

If you side with Bodhi at the end of Chapter 2, Keldorn senses her evil nature and leaves permanently.

He also leaves permanently if you conclude his personal quest by letting him stay with his family.

Finally, in order to keep Keldorn, you must do his personal quest within a reasonable time frame once it has started.

At 13 in Saradush (Throne of Bhaal), Keldorn will leave the party and attack you if you urge the Il-Khan Soldiers to kill the elves.

Background information: Keldorn Firecam is a Paladin of Torm and a member of the Order of the Most Radiant Heart. He has served long and bravely, (too) often putting service before home and family. After discovering how close he came to ruining his own marriage, he decides to take on just one final quest – that of helping you!

With his special Inquisitor abilities (True Seeing, Dispel Magic at twice his own level, etc.) and his ability to use some of the best equipment in the game (not least the Holy Avenger Carsomyr +5), Keldorn is an extremely versatile and useful – if sometimes annoyingly self-righteous – NPC.
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