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Available only in Throne of Bhaal: Sarevok  


Race: Human

Gender: Female

Class: Dual-classed Thief (Level 4)/Mage

Alignment: Chaotic Good



Starting Equipment:

How to find: Go to 4 in the Copper Coronet in the Slums District. Nalia will approach you automatically. Accept the The De'Arnise Keep has been Invaded quest to free her family home from the monsters that have invaded it and she offers to join.

If you don't let Nalia join your party at this point, she goes to the De'Arnise Keep.

If you don't let Nalia join you after you have freed the De'Arnise Keep and you do not gain the keep as your stronghold, Nalia leaves permanently and is no longer available in Shadows of Amn. You can still have the Fate Spirit summon her in Throne of Bhaal.

If you don't let Nalia join after freeing the De'Arnise Keep but you accept the keep as your stronghold, she goes to Level 1 of the De'Arnise Keep.

If dropped: If you drop Nalia from the party before you free the De'Arnise Keep, she goes to the De'Arnise Keep.

If you drop Nalia after freeing her keep, she goes to the Copper Coronet.

Romance: No.

NPC Quest: Nalia gets Abducted – about a week after you have freed her family keep, Nalia is summoned to her father's funeral in the Graveyard District. At the funeral Isaea Roenall, her former betrothed, makes some not very subtle insults and threats. About one day later, when you travel to an outdoor area, he turns up and arrests Nalia, "for her own good" as he claims. Your job now is to secure her release.

Relations with other NPCs: I have been told that Minsc, seeking a new witch after Dynaheir's death, may ask Nalia to become his new witch. If Nalia accepts and later dies in combat, Minsc will go berserk. I have never seen this, though; I have seen on the web that this is disabled if you install the Throne of Bhaal extension.

While not exactly cordial, Nalia's relations with the evil NPCs will not reach the point of open hostilities.

Behavior that causes her to leave the party: Nalia leaves the party permanently if the party's reputation drops to 2 or lower.

If you don't start the De'Arnise quest within a reasonable time after recruiting her in the Copper Coronet, she leaves the party and goes to the De'Arnise Keep.

When you receive the summons to her father's funeral, you have to accompany her to the Graveyard District within a reasonable time (I think two days before she starts complaining).

Background information: Nalia De'Arnise hails from a noble Amnish family with a family keep about half a day's travel outside of Athkatla. She works hard to help the "less fortunate". Unfortunately, like many well-meaning nobles, she doesn't really understand the "less fortunate", and while she means well, she still comes across as rather snobbish and condescending.

Nalia has a few levels as a thief but her thieving skills are nowhere near adequate for your party's needs, and you will need another Thief to find and disarm traps, open locks, and pick pockets. The only real advantage to Nalia's thieving past is that she can use thief weapons such as Short Bows and Short Swords.
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