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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 2  |  Quests in Chapter 2 
Areas in Chapter 2: Athkatla
Waukeen's Promenade  |  The Bridge District  |  The City Gate District  |  The Docks District  |  The Government District  |  The Graveyard District  |  The Slums  |  The Planar Sphere  |  The Temple District  |  The Temple District Sewers  
Areas Outside Athkatla
De'Arnise Keep  |  Trademeet  |  The Druid Grove  |  The Umar Hills  |  The Temple Ruins  |  The Windspear Hills


This is the fighter class quest. At the start of Chapter 2, if you are a Fighter, Barbarian, or Monk, Gaelan Bayle suggests that you seek out Nalia in the Copper Coronet in the Slums. Nalia will be at 4. She approaches you automatically and begs you to help her free her family's estate which has been invaded. She will not tell you by whom or what but offers to join your party as a Mage and Thief. If you take Nalia along, make sure to have another Thief in your party; Nalia's Thief skills are rudimentary at best.

Please note that all classes can do the quest; however only Fighters, Barbarians, or Monks will receive the De'Arnise Keep as their stronghold on completion of the quest.

  1. If you have not yet left Athkatla, go to the City Gate district. Exit through the town gate at 4.

  2. When the world map comes up, scroll right on the map and find the De'Arnise Keep. Click it to go to the De'Arnise Keep's outside area.

  3. When you arrive, if Nalia is with you, she points out the palisade to the west of the arrival point. If not, just go there. It is in the southwestern corner of the map at 4. She will also finally own up to the fact that the keep has been invaded by Trolls and "some snake-like creatures" (Yuan-Ti).

  4. Continue to the palisade. If Nalia is not in your party, you will meet her there. She complains that you took so long, no matter how fast you got there. Also, she once more offers to join your party, and she tells you of the secret entrance to the keep at 5 on the map.

  5. Speak to Captain Arat, who gives you an update on the situation. The keep is heavily infested with Trolls and Yuan-Ti, and nobody knows where Lord De'Arnise is. You can gain access to the keep via the secret entrance. When you break off conversation, he suggests that you try to lower the drawbridge, and he gives you 20 Arrows of Fire.

    A little cheat: You can speak to Captain Arat repeatedly and each time he will give you more Arrows of Fire.

  6. Go to 5 and find the secret entrance. Take it to enter Level 1 of the De'Arnise Keep.

    If Nalia is with you, she suggests that you should find Daleson first and then try to lower the drawbridge.

  7. Proceed to 3 on this level and kill the troll you find there. Don't forget to loot the containers of anything useful or sellable.

  8. At 4 you will find Daleson, one of the servants of the keep. He tells you a bit more about how many trolls there are.

    Daleson offers one important bit of information: he has been feeding some monsters down in the dungeons (Nalia protests loudly that they are cellars, not dungeons! Seems the little lady has a problem with her family history;-) with dog stew. He suggests that instead of fighting the monsters, you could create your own dog stew and bring it to the cellars to lure the creatures away.

    Remember to loot the containers here; among other things you'll find Acid Arrows and Arrows of Fire, useful for fighting Trolls!

  9. Before proceeding into the keep, you may as well go west and north to 6 and find the Flail Head (Cold).

  10. Clear out Level 1 of Trolls and loot the area thoroughly.

  11. When done, proceed to the doors out to the courtyard at 12 and 13 and exit through one of them.

  12. You once more find yourself in the Outside Area of the De'Arnise Keep, but this time at 6 in the enclosed courtyard. You'll have to fight and kill an Otyugh.

    South of this point you will find Lord De'Arnise's four dogs. Kill them all, and loot their bodies for the Dog Meat. See to it that you have all four slabs of Dog Meat; you'll need it shortly.

  13. Go up the stairs to 7 and then to 8 where you will have to fight an Ice Troll.

  14. Onwards to 9. Click the wheel to lower the drawbridge. The party gains 29,750 XP.

  15. Go back to the courtyard at 6 where you will find several De'Arnise Guards fighting some Trolls and Yuan-Ti. Help them out to share in the experience.

  16. When done, enter Level 1 of the Keep again to find a couple of De'Arnise Guards fighting a Troll.

  17. Go to the kitchen at 10 and, with the four slabs of Dog Meat in your inventory, click the stove five times to create Dog Stew. The party gains 11,500 XP.

  18. Go to the stairs at 11 and go to Level 2 of the De'Arnise Keep.

  19. When you enter Level 2, Nalia will tell you that you should find her aunt's bedroom where you will find a secret entrance to the cellar.

  20. Proceed with caution to the Library at 2 and eliminate the Troll and Yuan-Ti Mage you find there. Loot the drawer at the back of the room for the Keep Key.

  21. Optionally, you can enter the stairs in the tower to go to the top of the keep at 10 on the Outside the De'Arnise Keep area. Clear out any monsters you find there before entering again.

  22. Go to 4 and enter the bedroom, proceed to 5, disarm and open the trapped door, and go to 6 where you will find Glaicas, one of Lord De'Arnise's trusted guards. Only, he has been Charmed by the Trolls...

  23. If you can successfully Charm Glaicas (use the Ring of Human Influence if you have done the Circus quest), wait until the Charm spell runs out. Then speak to him for 22,500 XP. He willingly gives you the Flail Head (Acid).

    If you can't charm him, you have to fight him. You only get 9,500 XP for killing him but apart from the Flail Head, he also drops Full Plate Mail, 2 Potions of Extra Healing, an Oil of Speed, a Potion of Fire Giant Strength, Full Plate Mail, and some minor treasure.

  24. Optionally, at 7 you can ascend the stairs to the roof and kill two Yuan-Ti there.

  25. Go to 10 and enter Lady De'Arnise's bedroom. No matter how tempted you may be to do otherwise, I suggest that you keep your temper with her ladyship and allow her and her guard to run off. Killing her for her attitude towards commoners yields little experience, no loot, and a large Reputation penalty.

  26. If you feel like a hard fight, you can fight all the Golems in the Golem Room at 11. Just loot the three containers in the back of the room and kill them as they come alive. ;-)

    One of the things you should find is the Flail Head (Fire). You can take this without alerting the Golems but if you grab anything else, the Golems attack.

    If you want the loot but not the fight, let all your other characters stand well back and send in your best Cleric protected by a Sanctuary spell. The Cleric can freely loot the containers – while the Golems will go active, they won't attack as long as the Sanctuary is in effect.

  27. Now that you have all three Flail Heads, you may want to create the Flail of Ages +3before taking on the Troll boss. Go back to 1 on Level 2 of the Keep and go down to Level 1 of the Keep.

  28. On Level 1, go to the forge at 5. Click the Forge a couple of times to create the Flail of Ages +3. In addition to one of the better weapons in the game, the party gains 22,350 XP.

  29. Go back to Level 2 of the Keep and go to the entrance to the cellars at 12.

    If your party needs rest, I suggest that you rest before entering the cellars. If you rest in the cellars, you risk being interrupted by a monster ambush.

    Also make sure you have cleared out and looted the level thoroughly.

  30. Enter the Cellars of the De'Arnise Keep and loot the first room.

  31. Enter the second room at 2 and kill the Trolls you find there.

  32. In the room at 3 you will find six Umber Hulks. If you don't want to fight them, give the Dog Stew you cooked on Level 1 to your Cleric and have them cast Sanctuary. Let the rest of the party stand back, and let the Cleric enter the Umber Hulk room, walk right past the Umber Hulks and down to 4 and place the dog stew there for 18,750 XP. The Umber Hulks rush off to eat their stew.

    The cheesy solution, if your party can handle it, is to kill the Umber Hulks for 4,000 XP each, THEN place the (now useless) dog stew for another 18,750 XP. ;-)

  33. It is time to face the Troll Boss himself. Enter the room at 5 and advance carefully until Tor-Gal notices you. He will have a party of two Giant Trolls, or several Spectral Trolls, Spirit Trolls, and Giant Trolls, depending on your level. If you can draw them out and fight them piecemeal, so much the better for you!

    Understandably, Nalia will be distressed at seeing her father's body.

    Loot the container near the body before leaving.

  34. Go back to Level 2 of the Keep, to Level 1 of the Keep, and leave to the Outside Area.

    Make sure to complete any unfinished looting on the way. Once you leave, unless you get the keep as your stronghold, you won't be able to enter again.

  35. Once you leave, if Nalia is in the party, she will speak to you. Otherwise, seek her out at the palisade at 4.

  36. For solving the quest, each party member receives 45,500 XP.

  37. If you are a Fighter, a Barbarian, or a Monk, Nalia offers you the keep as your stronghold. If you accept (highly recommended!) you will then be transferred to the large room at 7 on Level 1 of the Keep, where the Fighter Stronghold Quests will begin.

  38. If you are not one of these classes, Nalia offers to travel with you. Accept if she fits into your party.

    If you don't accept her into your party, and you have accepted the keep as your stronghold, she goes to Level 1 of the Keep where she can be found at 7. If you haven't accepted the keep as your stronghold, she leaves to marry her betrothed and will not be available for the remainder of Shadows of Amn.

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