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Available only in Throne of Bhaal: Sarevok  


Race: Tiefling

Gender: Male

Class: Bard (Blade kit)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral



Starting Equipment:

How to find: Go to the Five Flagons Inn in the Bridge District. Enter the cellar and watch the failed theater performance. After the show, Raelis Shai will ask if there are any adventurers present. Seek her out to learn that one of their actors, Haer'Dalis, is missing. Go to the Temple District and enter the Sewers. Find Mekrath's Lair and either solve his little quest or kill him. Haer'Dalis will now be free and offers to join the party.

When you return to Raelis Shai, however, she and her entire crew, including Haer'Dalis, are abducted by bounty hunters. You have to jump through the portal into the Planar Prison to free them and Haer'Dalis. He is now once again willing to join up.

If dropped: Goes to the Five Flagons Inn.

Romance: None. However, if you are romancing Aerie, Haer'Dalis will also fall in love with her.

NPC Quest: None, once you have saved him twice just to get him.

Relations with other NPCs: If you are both romancing Aerie, Haer'Dalis ends up challenging you to a duel. Please see Extremist's Romance Guide (available from Sorcerer's Place) on how to resolve this love triangle without losing your love, your life, or your Bard.

Haer'Dalis has many funny comments to the other NPCs; not least Edwin when the Nether Scroll turns him into a woman. However, as the illustration shows, not all his comments are all that popular with the targets of his wit. :-)

Haer'Dalis is very suspicious of Yoshimo and his motives. After Haer'Dalis makes this clear, Yoshi keeps his distance from Haer'Dalis.

Behavior that causes him to leave the party: Haer'Dalis leaves permanently if your party's reputation drops to 1 or below.

Background information: Haer'Dalis is a Tiefling; a person with one or more Demons as ancestors. He is a carefree and happy person who has traveled far and wide among the planes, and as any Bard he is, as they say, "A knave of many trades but a master of none".

His low Constitution makes him unfit for melee combat and I usually equip him with bow and arrows, or have him cast his spells or sing his Bard song to support the party.

As a Bard, even a Blade who receives less Lore than other Bards, he still has the way best Lore skill of any NPC. In time he makes it unnecessary for the party's mages to memorize Identify spells, or to buy the Glasses of Identification.

One point where Haer'Dalis excels is in combat against Demi-liches. As a Bard he can cast fifth level spells, including Spell Immunity. This enables him to protect himself against the Demi-lich's Imprisonment spells, equip a +4 weapon and step right up to the abomination and hack away! Just don't forget to cast Death Ward on him, to protect him against Demilich Howl.
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