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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 2  |  Quests in Chapter 2 
Areas in Chapter 2: Athkatla
Waukeen's Promenade  |  The Bridge District  |  The City Gate District  |  The Docks District  |  The Government District  |  The Graveyard District  |  The Slums  |  The Planar Sphere  |  The Temple District  |  The Temple District Sewers  
Areas Outside Athkatla
De'Arnise Keep  |  Trademeet  |  The Druid Grove  |  The Umar Hills  |  The Temple Ruins  |  The Windspear Hills


If Mazzy has joined your party, the next time you enter the Slums District you will see an Ogre named Gorf the Squisher beating up innocent people outside the Copper Coronet. Of course no Paladin wannabe can watch such a spectacle without acting.

Mazzy challenges Gorf to a duel, and Gorf tells her he will fight her in the arena in the Copper Coronet!

Now, Mazzy will of course want an honest fight – and she can beat the stuffings out of Gorf even without cheating! – but why chance it? ;-)

  1. Enter the Copper Coronet. At 10 you will find Festule the Alchemist. He suggests that he can help you with your "Gorf situation" but will say no more as long as Mazzy is within earshot.

  2. Send Mazzy a little distance away and speak to Festule. He happens to have a potion in his cloak pocket, but it is "stuck" and he will need 500 GP (you can haggle him down to 400 GP) to "dislodge" it.

  3. Next, speak to Gorf's girlfriend Bunkin at 6. If you chat her up a bit, she'll fall for the "I have a love potion that will make Gorf much more romantic" line and pour it into his cup. The party receives 11,500 XP.

  4. Now Gorf shows up, drinks up his drink, "love potion" and all, and then enters the arena with Mazzy. Make sure to open her inventory and equip the short sword and small shield, then let her beat up Gorf. The party gains 5,000 XP.

  5. When Gorf goes down, Mazzy is automatically transported out of the pit. Make sure to have her pick up her inventory where she dropped it when entering the pit.

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