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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 2  |  Quests in Chapter 2 
Areas in Chapter 2: Athkatla
Waukeen's Promenade  |  The Bridge District  |  The City Gate District  |  The Docks District  |  The Government District  |  The Graveyard District  |  The Slums  |  The Planar Sphere  |  The Temple District  |  The Temple District Sewers  
Areas Outside Athkatla
De'Arnise Keep  |  Trademeet  |  The Druid Grove  |  The Umar Hills  |  The Temple Ruins  |  The Windspear Hills


This is the Mage class quest. If you are a Mage or a Sorcerer, at the start of Chapter 2 Gaelan Bayle suggests that you seek out a man named Madeen in the Government District of Athkatla. Madeen can be found in the Government District at 7 outside the Council of Six building.

Madeen asks you to speak to Tolgerias inside the Council of Six building. Go inside and find Tolgerias at 2. You have to accept to do his quest before he will let you know what it is, so accept. Tolgerias then tells you that the Cowled Wizards are looking for a dangerous murderer, Valygar Corthala, who has killed two of their number! He doesn't know where Valygar is at present but suggests that you look in his home in the Docks District.

All protagonists can do this quest but Mages and Sorcerers receive the Planar Sphere in the Slums as their stronghold upon completion of the quest.

  1. Go to the Docks District. Valygar's home is at 6. Enter it and search it thoroughly to find a tax receipt telling you that Valygar owns a cabin in the Umar Hills.

  2. Go to the City Gate District and leave through the gate to the outside world at 2. Scroll the world map to the right and click on the Umar Hills.

  3. If you haven't been to the Umar Hills before, you will witness a town gathering when you arrive. This has to do with the Deaths in the Umar Hills quest.

  4. Valygar's Cabin is at 14 on the Umar Hills map. If you take the stairs up at 13, you will meet some of his Ranger friends who want to know what you are doing here. A sensible answer will make them go away. Or, you can challenge them and kill them for the experience and loot.

  5. Enter Valygar's cabin and find Valygar in the back room.

  6. However, Valygar tells a much different story from what the Cowled Wizards told you: A Planar Sphere appeared in Athkatla recently. It was built by Valygar's distant ancestor, a Necromancer named Lavok. Only the bloodline of the Corthalas can open it, and Valygar is the last of the Corthalas. So the Cowled Wizards want to use Valygar – dead or alive – to open the Planar Sphere.

    Valygar offers to join your party. If you want to complete the quest, you have but two options: Let him join, or kill him and bring his body back to Athkatla with you.

    If you don't want to kill Valygar and you don't want him around permanently, just let him join for now and ask one of your other characters to wait for you in the Copper Coronet.

  7. Leave the cabin, and in the Umar Hills area go to any edge of the map to leave. Travel back to Athkatla.

  8. You *could* go to the Council of Six building and hand Valygar over to the Cowled Wizards. But you would never get inside the Planar Sphere so this is not recommended. Besides, most good-aligned NPCs won't allow this.

    If you deliver Valygar(s body) to Tolgerias, the party gains 11,250 XP, 500 GP and the Ring of the Ram. But you also lose one reputation point

  9. So instead, go to the Slums and approach the entrance to the Planar Sphere at 12. If Valygar is alive, he tells you this is indeed the planar sphere of his ancestor.

  10. Open the door. If you brought Valygar's Body, it turns into dust.

  11. If you brought Valygar along only to open the door, go find your original companion and dump Valygar. He goes back to his cabin.

  12. Now enter the sphere. You arrive on the Main Level at 1.

  13. At 2 you will find a locked door leading to the interior of the sphere.

  14. Go to 3 and you will have to kill a Clay Golem. Then loot all containers. In particular you will need to take the Golem Arm, the Planar Key, and the Coal.

  15. Optionally, go to 4 and kill the Mephit there. Click the large glass to see an overview of Athkatla from above.

  16. Back at 2, use the Planar Key on the locked door to the northwest. The party gains 17,500 XP, and the Planar Sphere initiates planar travel.

    If you go to 4 and look at the glass, you will now see an overview of a layer of the Abyss. This is where you will find yourself if you venture outside!

  17. Proceed inwards to 5 where you will meet some Knights of Solamnia who are also trapped here in the sphere. If you are a Mage or Sorcerer, you will be able to help them get back to their own world later. This is part of the Mage Stronghold quests.

    They can warn you that there are some small but fierce warriors to the west.

  18. At 6 will be some Sahuagin. Not a difficult job. If one of your mages is capable of casting the 6th level spell Death Spell, that should more or less clear the room.

    Loot the bodies for Bolts of Biting and a Cloak of Protection +1.

  19. Go back to 5 and then eastwards to 7 where you will have to fight a few Halfling Warriors. At 8 are even more Halfling Warriors.

  20. At 9 you will see Togan. When he spots you, he runs back towards 10. This is the cue for your party to prepare for serious battle.

  21. Your opponents at 10 are Togan, Kayardi, Entu, Mogadish, and two Halfling Warriors. They can be a real pain, especially Kayardi's Hold and Fear spells. If Jaheira or Cernd is with you and can get off Insect Plague (5th level Druid spell), this can make a big difference.

    After the battle, make sure to pick up the Gauntlets of Ogre Power (used to create the Crom Faeyr War Hammer; and in the meantime can raise a party member's Strength to 18/100), the Ripper +2 composite bow, and another piece of Coal.

  22. In the room at 11, kill the two Spiders and two Ettercaps. Loot the table for the Golem Building Book and the Coal. The book will give you a few hints on how to complete the Golem in the Golem Machine to the left.

  23. While here, open the door to the east and check the hall for traps, then disarm the floor trap at 12.

  24. You can't go further east for the moment, so go north to 13 and kill the Halflings you find there. Disarm the trap in the floor at (x=780, y=630) in the right side of the room.

  25. You should have three pieces of Coal, so click each of the furnaces to activate them. Each time a Fire Elemental is released. Kill them.

  26. Send your party's Thief eastwards to find and disarm the trap at 14. Then open the door to the room at 15.

  27. In this room you should find an Adamantite Golem and a couple of Stone Golems. Kill them, then loot the safe in the middle of the room for the Golem Head, 10 Tchazar Gems, and 30 Arrows of Piercing. There is also an extra piece of Coal which you won't need if you have activated all three furnaces back at 13.

  28. With both the Golem Arm and the Golem Head, go back to 11. Click the machine to the left of the room at (x=280, y=1210) a few times to build the Golem and activate it. The party receives 23,500 XP.

  29. The Golem is transported out of the machine and immediately detects an intruder. It begins running towards 17. Follow it.

  30. The enemy the Golem has spotted is an Elder Orb. Help the Golem kill it for 14,000 XP.

  31. Now, open the door to the right in the room. Prepare for battle with a Mage.

  32. Enter the Navigator's Room. Open the next door and advance into the main room. You have found Lavok.

  33. And he is not happy to have been found. You will have to fight him.

  34. However, when he goes down, he seems ... disoriented. Like he doesn't know who or where he is. Apparently he has been possessed by an evil force. But now the force is gone and he is willing to cooperate.

  35. He tells you how to move the Planar Sphere back to Athkatla: You must find the Heart of a Demon and feed it into the sphere's engine.

  36. First, however, I suggest that you enter the two rooms at 3 and 4 and clear them of monsters and loot while you're here. After all, how often do you expect to come this way? :-)

    The room at 3 contains two Spore Colonies. Kill them and loot the container at (x=940, y=440) for a Quarterstaff +1, a Sling +2, 40 Bullets +1, 10 Potions of Extra Healing, and 30 Arrows of Piercing.

    In the room at 4 will be a few Lizardmen. Kill them and loot the container at (x=490, y=260) for a Battle Axe +2, a Ninja-to +1, 60 Darts +1, the Leather Armor suit Protector of the Second +2, and 40 Bolts of Lightning.

  37. Now, much as you would like to avoid it, you have to go out into the Abyss. The Planar Sphere needs a Demon's Heart as fuel, and one thing you are sure to find in the Abyss is plenty of Demons. So, go back to the Main Level and find the exit at 1.

  38. Go out into The Abyss. Go down the ramp from 1 and you will run into a few low-level monsters – Quasits, Imps, Salamanders.

  39. Prepare for Demon battle, then go north to 2, and you will find what you are looking for: a Tanar'ri. It summons a bunch of lesser creatures to its aid, then attacks both physically and magically. Kill all monsters and loot the Tanar'ri's body for a Demon Heart.

  40. If you're feeling up to it, there are two more Demons at 3 and 4. Plus of course a selection of lesser Abyssal creatures. You are not coming back, so this is your one chance to milk the Abyss for all that it's worth.

  41. Go back to the Planar Sphere's main level and find the room at 16. You need to open the door to the south. To do this, you must click the four runes in the floor in the right order:

    1. Click the upper-right rune.

    2. Click the lower-left rune.

    3. Click the lower-right rune.

    4. Click the upper-left rune.

  42. The door opens and the party receives 24,500 XP.

  43. Prepare for battle against a couple of high-level Mages, then enter the door to the Planar Sphere's Core.

  44. Open the door and enter the main room at 2. Waiting for you will be Tolgerias and another Cowled Wizard. They are most displeased with your attempt to cheat them of the Planar Sphere. So, you will have to kill them.

    Besides a Quarterstaff each and some minor treasure, Tolgerias also drops the Ring of the Ram.

  45. You can now go through the Room of Ice at 5 or the Room of Fire at 7. I suggest you start with the Room of Ice. Here you will find a number of Ice-based creatures: An Ice Troll, Ice Salamanders, Ice Mephits. Kill them all, disarm the two floor traps, and loot the container in the middle of the room for a Scroll of Oliluke's Resilient Sphere, a Helmet of Defense, and 80 Arrows of Ice.

  46. While you are at it, why not clear out the Room of Fire as well? Here you will find Fire-based creatures like Smoke Mephits, a Greater Fire Elemental, and, if you are lucky, an Efreeti. Again, kill everything, disarm two traps, and loot a container in the middle of the room for a Scroll of Globe of Invulnerability, a Scroll of Spirit Armor, a Large Shield +1, +4 against Missiles, a Staff of Fire +2, and 80 Arrows of Fire.

  47. Now enter the Planar Sphere Engine Room. Beware; here will be Adamantite, Stone, and Clay Golems, and you have to fight in tight quarters. In other words, a real pain in the ... you know! One way of killing them is to get the Adamantite Golems stuck in the narrow passages and then kill the smaller Golems behind them with ranged weapons such as the Gesen Bow.

  48. Make your way to the middle of the room and click the engine a few times to feed the Demon Heart into the machine. The room shakes a bit and the party receives 45,500 XP for bringing the sphere back to Athkatla.

  49. Disarm the trapped container at 6 and loot it for a Ring of Danger Sense, a load of gold and a variety of gems.

  50. Make your way back to the Navigator's Room. Speak to Lavok and he asks you to carry him outside so he can see the sky for one last time.

  51. You arrive outside the sphere in the Slums.

  52. If you are a Mage or a Sorcerer, Lavok offers you the Planar Sphere as your stronghold. This sets off the Mage Stronghold quests.

  53. And then he dies. Each party member receives 45,500 XP. Loot his body for a Ring of Acuity plus some minor treasure.

This concludes the quest. If you are a Mage or Sorcerer, go inside and speak to the Knights of Solamnia to set the Stronghold quests in motion. If you are any other class, you will not be able to help them.

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