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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 2  |  Quests in Chapter 2 
Areas in Chapter 2: Athkatla
Waukeen's Promenade  |  The Bridge District  |  The City Gate District  |  The Docks District  |  The Government District  |  The Graveyard District  |  The Slums  |  The Planar Sphere  |  The Temple District  |  The Temple District Sewers  
Areas Outside Athkatla
De'Arnise Keep  |  Trademeet  |  The Druid Grove  |  The Umar Hills  |  The Temple Ruins  |  The Windspear Hills

The Slums
The Copper Coronet  |  The Sewers  |  The Slaver Stockade  |  The Jansen Home  |  Gaelan Bayle's Home  


This cozy three-storey house is the home of the Gnomish Jansen family. In particular, it is the home of Jan Jansen, though he is rarely to be found here - Jan spends most of his time peddling turnips and highly illegal inventions around Athkatla. Rumors say that he can currently be found in the Government District.

  1. Here is the exit back to the Slums.

  2. Here are stairs up to the 1st floor and down to the cellar.

  3. Here is Ma Jansen, Jan's mother.

  1. If you are doing Jan Jansen's NPC quest Jan Returns Home, this is where you will find his former girlfriend Lissa and her sick daughter. Jan stays with Lissa until the quest is completed.

  2. Here are the stairs down to the ground floor.

    One of the chests on this floor contains an Antidote, another contains a Potion of Extra Healing.

  1. Here are the stairs up to the ground floor.

  2. Here you will find Jan Jansen's uncle Gerhardt, whom you will need to talk to in connection with Jan's NPC quest.

    This is also where you can find Jan himself if you don't accept him into your party when you first meet him, or if you drop him from your party.

    One of the boxes in the cellar can be looted for an Elixir of Health. Another contains a Potion of Freedom.

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