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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 2  |  Quests in Chapter 2 
Areas in Chapter 2: Athkatla
Waukeen's Promenade  |  The Bridge District  |  The City Gate District  |  The Docks District  |  The Government District  |  The Graveyard District  |  The Slums  |  The Planar Sphere  |  The Temple District  |  The Temple District Sewers  
Areas Outside Athkatla
De'Arnise Keep  |  Trademeet  |  The Druid Grove  |  The Umar Hills  |  The Temple Ruins  |  The Windspear Hills

The Slums
The Copper Coronet  |  The Sewers  |  The Slaver Stockade  |  The Jansen Home  |  Gaelan Bayle's Home  


What could possibly hide beneath the Slums? Well, the Sewers, of course.

  1. Here is the exit back to the Copper Coronet.

  2. Here will be a Mustard Jelly (2,000 XP; can only be harmed by magical weapons), an Ochre Jelly (270 XP), and an Otyugh (5,000 XP).

    Once the enemies have been killed, click the sewer grate and take 5 HP damage to gain Vallah's Hand, which you will need for the Sword in the Sewers quest.

  3. Here you will meet a Hobgoblin War Party. None of them drop anything spectacular; you may find some Arrows +1 among the loot.

  4. Click the skeletons hanging on the wall for the Lover's Ring, which you will need for the Sword in the Sewers quest.

  5. Here is a Mustard Jelly and an entrance to a small room with three Myconids, including a Myconid King. Be careful, as the Myconid King can cast Chaos on your party.

  6. The bridge here is trapped.

  7. If you are doing Jan Jansen's NPC quest, this is where you will find The Hidden. Here will also be a Carrion Crawler the first time you come by.

  8. Here is a Kobold War Party. Take them out (a well-placed Fireball should do most of the work for you), then loot the Kobold Shaman for the Shaman's Staff, which you will need for the Sword in the Sewers quest. Some of the other Kobolds may drop Arrows of Fire.

  9. Here is a trap in the floor.

  10. Here you will meet Quallo and his "friend", a Carrion Crawler. Quallo can tell you in which order you should use the items in connection with the Sword in the Sewers quest.

    Kill the Carrion Crawler for the Friend's Blood which you will need for the same quest.

  11. Here is a Goblin War Party. They may drop a few Arrows of Fire.

  12. Here you will find four pipes with some cryptic inscriptions on them.

    If you have spoken to Quallo at 10, he can give you some hints on which order to use the four items.

    Here is the correct order:

    1. First, place Vallah's Hand which you found at 2 on the third pipe from the left.
    2. Then place the Lover's Ring you found at 4 on the first pipe.
    3. Third, pour the Friend's Blood which you looted from Quallo's Carrion Crawler at 10 over the second pipe.
    4. Finally, place the Shaman's Staff which you looted from the Kobold Shaman at 8 on the fourth and last pipe.

      You will get the Two-handed Sword Lilarcor +3 and each party member gets 18,000 XP.

  13. Here is the exit to the Slaver Boat.

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