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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Areas in Chapter 2: Athkatla
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Areas Outside Athkatla
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You can solve this quest at any time you enter the Sewers under the Slums. The most likely reason you are coming here is for the Slaves in the Slums quest.

  1. Go to the Sewers under the Slums.

  2. At 2, click the grill to take a bit of damage. You will get Vallah's Hand.

  3. At 4, click the two skeletons on the wall. You will get the Lovers' Ring.

  4. At 8, kill the band of Kobolds and loot the Kobold Shaman for the Shaman's Staff.

  5. At 12, check out the clues written on the four pipes.

  6. Seek out Quallo at 10 and ask him what is going on. Also, ask him about the clues you've found and what you should to with the Hand, the Ring, and the Staff.

  7. Since you need the Blood of a True Friend, kill Quallo's "friend" the Carrion Crawler and loot it for the Friend's Blood.

  8. Return to 12 and place the four items on the four pipes in the correct order. This is:

    - Place Wallah's Hand on the third pipe from the left.
    - Place the Lover's Ring on the first pipe.
    - Pour the Friend's Blood on the second pipe.
    - Finally, place the Shaman's Staff on the fourth pipe.

    Get the order wrong, and you will be hit by a lightning bolt, take a bit of damage, and have to start over.

    Get all four right, and each party member receives 18,000 XP. You also receive the Two-handed Sword Lilarcor +3.

  9. Finally, you can go back and speak to Quallo again, if only to let him go free.

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