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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Areas in Chapter 2: Athkatla
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To get this quest, you must have Edwin in your party.

The first time you go to the Graveyard District with Edwin in your party, he mentions that he has heard about a famous scroll, the "Nether Scroll", which lies hidden somewhere below the Graveyard District. He would very much like to find it...

  1. In the Graveyard District, find one of the entrances to the Lower Tombs at 5, 6, or 11. Enter the Catacombs.

  2. In the Lower Tombs, go to 4 and enter the Southern Dungeons.

  3. In the Southern Dungeons, you will have to fight your way past numerous undead and plenty of traps. Find the Lich Nevaziah at 13.

  4. Of course, Nevaziah doesn't intend to hand over an advanced scroll voluntarily. So make him do it ... involuntarily. Nevaziah doesn't cast any defensive spells so he should go down rather easily.

  5. When you loot the body, Edwin automatically takes the Nether Scroll for himself. It won't show in his inventory either, no matter how much you protest.

  6. Depending on your answers to Edwin, two or four days later he will decipher part of the scroll. At this point Edwin gains 50,000 XP, +20 to Lore, and +1 to his Saving Throws.

    NOTE: A bug in the program may cause this to never happen! If you insisted in step 5 that the scroll is party treasure, a global variable is set incorrectly. You can fix the problem in the CLUAConsole. For instructions on how to activate the console, please see here.

    Click on Edwin and leave the mouse pointer on him.

    Then enter this command in CLUAConsole:


  7. A few days after this, Edwin deciphers another part of the Nether Scroll. This time, however, his studies backfire on him and the Nether Scroll transforms his nether regions.

    In other words, Edwin becomes Edwina...

    NOTE: As long as Edwin is in woman's form, you should not let him speak to Salvanas at 2 in the Copper Coronet. It will end with Edwin attacking Salvanas and turning the entire bar hostile.

    ANOTHER NOTE: Edwin is not well liked by most other NPCs and they take turns teasing him with his newfound status as "Chick of the Party". :-) Enjoy it while it lasts; some of the comments that come up in random banter are really hilarious!

  8. Some time later, a Red Wizard named Degardan approaches the party and asks if you have seen Edwin. If you don't cover for him, Edwin leaves the party and attacks you. You can then speak to Degardan for 5,000 XP and 5,000 GP but you will lose Edwin permanently.

    Incidentally, you will learn that Edwin is in some kind of trouble with the Red Wizards of Thay.

  9. Two days later, Degardan appears again. This time he recognizes Edwin and casts a spell that transforms him back into a man.

  10. However, Edwin insists on killing Degardan for having seen him in woman's shape. So a fight breaks out.

  11. Kill Degardan. He drops 2 Potions of Extra Healing, a Wand of Monster Summoning, a Quarterstaff +2, a Scroll of Death Spell, and minor treasure.

  12. And that is the end of the Nether Scroll, and of Edwina. Unless you finish Throne of Bhaal with Edwin in your party. But that is another story! ;-)

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