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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Areas in Chapter 2: Athkatla
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To get this quest, you must have Jaheira in your party.

The first time you enter the Sea's Bounty Tavern in the Docks District, you run into an old enemy of Jaheira, Baron Ployer. Seems Jaheira and Khalid, meddling Harpers that they are/were, ruined this former slaver.

Ployer has spent the last remainders of his wealth on hiring a group of mages to cast a curse on Jaheira. Which they promptly turn up and do. Your job now is to get rid of the curse. And you are literally working against a deadline; if you take too long, Jaheira will waste away and die!

Jaheira suggests two paths of action: Either to go look in the Slums, since Ployer was apparently living in poverty, or in the Government District, where some clerk may know of the mages who cast the curse. I suggest you do both:

  1. First, go to the Government District and find the Council of Six building.

  2. At 2 near the entrance, speak to Corneil. However, he doesn't know the mages you are asking about.

  3. But when you leave the Council of Six building, Terrece – one of the three mages who cursed Jaheira – contacts you. He has a proposal for you. They have promised Baron Ployer to help him when you seek him out. But for 1,000 GP they will be willing to stay away. This will earn you 10,250 XP.

    You can offer them 2,000 GP for double-crossing Ployer instead by showing up and killing him. This earns you 19,750 XP.

  4. Next, go to the Slums, enter the Copper Coronet, and speak to Jaheira's old friend Bernard at the bar at 2.

  5. Bernard expresses concern over Jaheira's looks and Jaheira asks him about her Harper friend Belgrade. Bernard has to tell her that Belgrade died recently, and that he had been looking sick like her. Belgrade's body was found in the eastern part of the Slums. Hmmm...

  6. Go to the eastern part of the Slums and find the Derelict Home at 10. Enter.

  7. You are met by Baron Ployer who gloats over Jaheira. He then summons his mages to attack.

  8. If you bought off the Mages, they don't show up, or they show up and kill Ployer. Otherwise, you have to fight him and his goons.

    If you bought off the Mages, you can either kill Ployer outright, or you can bully him into lifting the curse off Jaheira. If he succumbs to your threats, Jaheira kills Baron Ployer anyway for being a murderer of Harpers.

  9. Once Ployer is dead, loot his corpse for a lock of Jaheira's Hair which was used to cast the curse. The party gains 21,250 XP. Jaheira will feel better but she will only be back at full strength after a full day's rest.

  10. So go to an inn and rest three times eight hours to heal Jaheira completely.

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