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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

Throne of Bhaal: Chapter 8  |  Chapter 9  |  Chapter 10
Shadows of Amn  |  Watcher's Keep  
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Overview of Chapter 8  |  Quests in Chapter 8 
Areas in Chapter 8
Grove of the Ancients  |  The Hellish Pocket Plane  |  Saradush  |  The North Forest  |  The Forest of Mir  |  The Marching Mountains  |  Yaga-Shura's Stronghold, Level 1  |  Yaga-Shura's Stronghold, Level 2  |  The Siege Camp  |  The Oasis  


No matter whether you play Throne of Bhaal with a brand new character or you continue a game from Shadows of Amn, you begin the expansion in this little area. You will quickly receive a message that the stone heads are ready. Before clicking any of them, I recommend that you check your spellbooks and make sure they are prepared for a fight against a mage. Then rest if you need to.

  1. This is where you start the expansion. When you see the message on the screen that the stone heads are ready, click any of the heads to receive a rather cryptic prophesy. Once the message has played, you will automatically be transported to ...

  2. Here you will receive a warning that someone approaches, and probably not with peaceful intentions. Make your preparations for battle against a Mage...

    Your enemy is Illasera, one of The Five, an elite group of Bhaalspawn. After her initial dialogue, she attacks. Illasera casts Mirror Image on herself (easily brushed aside with True Seeing!) and summons a few helpers to her aid. If you started a new game, she summons a few low-level monsters; if you have a full party she will be accompanied by Black Reavers.

    For an elite Bhaalspawn, Illasera sure isn't much of a challenge. Get rid of her mirror images and pound on her for a bit, and she'll keel over. Once Illasera dies, all her helpers run off. Soon after you will faint and find yourself in the Hellish Pocket Plane. You don't need to pick up Illasera's or her helpers' equipment; it will follow you and your party into Hell.

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