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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 6  |  Quests in Chapter 6 
Areas in Chapter 6
The Underdark Exit Area  |  Small Teeth Pass  |  The North Forest  |  The Forest of Tethir  |  The Graveyard District  


If at the time you enter the Graveyard District in Chapter 6, you have completed one of the game's romances, Bodhi steals your lover away and turns him or her into a Vampire. Fortunately for you, you can reverse the process. Here's how:

  1. When you fight Bodhi at 5 in her Inner Sanctum, you also have to kill your lover-turned-vampire. Make sure to pick up their body.

  2. When you Stake Bodhi in her coffin at 6 in the Inner Sanctum, you get the Rhynn Lanthorn and also Bodhi's Black Heart.

  3. At 7 in Bodhi's Inner Sanctum you can find three books in a trapped chest. Together they should tell you that the process of becoming a Vampire can be reversed, and how.

    At this point you can skip right to step 9 if you wish. But I prefer to tell the whole story. :-)

  4. The books belonged to the Temple of Oghma, so go to the Docks District and find the temple at 8. Speak to one of the Priests in the temple.

  5. The Priest can't tell you much though – except that they had three books that were stolen some time ago. Hmmm... :-)

  6. However, he CAN tell you that one of them was bought from a Book Merchant in Imnesvale. So ...

  7. Off to the Umar Hills and find the Umar Inn at 4. Enter the Inn and find the Book Merchant at 6.

  8. Speak to the Merchant. He talks for a very long time, mostly about the guy who sold him the book who was trying to cure himself of vampirism, and who talked a lot. :-) But he does get to the point eventually: That you can cure a Vampire by placing him or her in the arms of a certain statue along with the heart of its master. The statue is in a room behind a room with a tiled floor with a lot of letters on it...

    If you have solved the Deaths in the Umar Hills quest, this should sound familiar!

  9. Go to the Temple Ruins and find the entrance to the dungeon at 5.

  10. Enter Level 1 of the Temple Ruins Dungeon and find the tiled room at 15. Remember to spell out "Amaunator" when you cross the floor.

  11. Cross the floor and find the statue at 16. Click it and place your lover's body and Bodhi's Black Heart in the container. Your lover reappears and thanks you profusely.

And all of that for no fancy items and not a single point of experience! The things we do for love!

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