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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 4  |  Quests in Chapter 4 
Areas in Chapter 4
Brynnlaw  |  The Asylum  |  The City of Caverns


After Irenicus has cast his spell on you, he orders Bodhi to kill you. However, she wants to play with you first and casts you and your party into the Asylum Dungeon. Here you will also find Imoen again. You can accept her back into the party or not – if you don't, she goes to the Copper Coronet where you can find her in Chapter 6.

Now, to escape the dungeon... You find yourself at 1 on Level 1 of the Asylum Dungeon. The escape is a long way off.

  1. Before doing anything else, I suggest that you explore all of Level 1. At 13 you will find the entrance to Level 3 of the Asylum Dungeon. You need a couple of items from Level 2 before you can enter here...

  2. Go to 2 or 11 on the Level 1 map and enter Level 2 of the Asylum Dungeon.

  3. On level 2, go to 4 and kill all the monsters you find there. A new group of Kobolds teleport in. Kill them as well. The party gains 450 XP and the Kurtulmak's Crystal Shard. Make sure to pick up the Wooden Stake that the Kobold Shaman drops.

  4. Go to 9 and kill Dace Sontan, the former asylum coordinator-turned-vampire. When he dies, enter the room and stake him in his coffin for 9,000 XP. His apparition appears and thanks you. The party gets the Hand of Dace. You now have both items needed to open the gate to Level 3.

  5. Clear out the rest of Level 2, then go back to Level 1 of the Asylum Dungeon.

  6. Go to the gate to Level 3 at 13. With both the Kurtulmak's Crystal Shard and the Hand of Dace in your possession, the gate opens. Each party member gains 29,500 XP.

  7. Enter Level 3 of the Asylum Dungeon.

  8. Explore the entire level. You will in particular need the two Minotaur Horns found at 5 and 11.

    NOTE: When you get close to the room at 8, Bodhi will be waiting for you. At this point, your divine temper gets the better of you, and you turn into The Slayer. Bodhi and her companions flee in terror and you will soon after become yourself again. But from this part on until you are back in Brynnlaw, you can't rest – you will become The Slayer again and attack your own party members. So make good use of the healing ability in the room at 7, and make sure to rest before going into the room at 8.

  9. With the two horns, click the giant Minotaur statue at 8 to open the gate to the Asylum Tests. Each party member receives 29,500 XP.

  10. Enter the Asylum Tests. You will have to do five of these tests, depending on which answers you give the apparition. Please see the Asylum Tests page for details.

  11. The last test always takes place on the Asylum's roof. Depending on the answers you gave on the way, the party may have to fight a Mind Flayer, and each party member receives 41,250 XP. If you gave reasonable answers, you don't have to fight, and each party member receives 51,250 XP.

  12. Take the stairs down into Irenicus' Laboratory. You have escaped the Asylum Dungeon! But you still need to take down Irenicus.

  13. At the foot of the stairs, Saemon Havarian meets you. He offers some advice: You can not, he says, defeat Irenicus on your own. He suggests that you seek the help of the Asylum's inmates on the main floor.

    He is right. If you go up against Irenicus without help, Irenicus kills the entire party.

  14. Loot the Laboratory level (except the central room!), and make sure to find the Arrows of Dispelling at 6. Give them to your best bowsman.

  15. Then move up to the top floor. You will be met by Lonk the Sane, the caretaker. Convince him to help you by setting the inmates free, or kill him. Either way:

  16. You will be witnessing a meeting of the inmates. Whatever you say, they will be convinced they should help you defeat Irenicus. Wanev teleports everybody down into Irenicus' Laboratory.

  17. Big fight against Irenicus, who summons copies of your party members. Fortunately they aren't armed.

  18. When Irenicus is badly enough damaged, he teleports away after releasing a blast of magic energy that kills all the inmates.

  19. However, the fight is not over. Now the assassins Irenicus would have sacrificed enter and fight you. If Yoshimo was in your party when you arrived, you will also have to fight him.

    None of the assassins drop anything worthwhile but Yoshimo drops his entire inventory and Yoshimo's Heart. Make sure to pick it up and bring it back with you. When you get back to Athkatla, it is worth 200,000 XP if you bring it to a Temple of Ilmatar to save Yoshi's soul.

  20. You only need to go back to Level 1 of the Asylum to escape the place. On your way, Saemon Havarian will meet you again with a proposal to help you leave Brynnlaw. Which is your next big task.

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