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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 4  |  Quests in Chapter 4 
Areas in Chapter 4
Brynnlaw  |  The Asylum  |  The City of Caverns

The Asylum
Outside Area  |  First Floor  |  Irenicus' Laboratory  |  Candlekeep - The Dream  |  The Dungeon, First Level  |  The Dungeon, Second Level  |  The Dungeon, Third Level  |  The Dungeon, the Tests  


This is the place where Irenicus has experimented with his spells and where he stole your and Imoen's souls. It is also the place where you will have your first real showdown with Irenicus.

  1. This is where you arrive from the Asylum Tests. Saemon Havarian meets you here. He warns you that you cannot take on Irenicus yourself. However, he suggests that you seek the alliance of the other inmates who can be found on Level 1 of the Asylum.

    Saemon may not be the most trustworthy person in the multiverse but in this case you should heed his warning. Attacking Irenicus without allies will get you killed.

  2. Here is where you will find Jon Irenicus. When you have gained the alliance of the inmates, you will automatically be teleported here. Until you have their alliance, do not enter this room.

    Once Irenicus is near death, he flees after releasing a blast of energy that kills all the inmates. You are left to fight the copies of your party that he summons up and also the Assassins he summons. If Yoshimo was in your party when you came to the Asylum, he will lead the Assassins and you have to kill him. He drops his entire inventory and Yoshimo's Heart which you should make sure to pick up.

  3. Here is a door that can't be lockpicked. To open it, you must find Jon's Key on Level 1.

  4. This portal leads to the Underdark. If you take it, you start Chapter 5. However, it is recommended to accept Saemon Havarian's offer to help you, even if (as always!) he turns out to have an agenda of his own.

  5. Behind the panel here you can find 160 Bolts, 40 Bolts +1, 334 GP, and minor treasure.

  6. The box at (x=1720, y=540) contains 160 Arrows, 40 Arrows +1, 5 Arrows of Dispelling, 80 Darts, and 90 GP.

    The barrel at (x=1770, y=480) contains the First Journal of Jon Irenicus, 120 Bullets, 120 Bolts, and 20 Throwing Daggers.

  7. Here is the exit to Level 1 of the Asylum.

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