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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 4  |  Quests in Chapter 4 
Areas in Chapter 4
Brynnlaw  |  The Asylum  |  The City of Caverns

The Asylum
Outside Area  |  First Floor  |  Irenicus' Laboratory  |  Candlekeep - The Dream  |  The Dungeon, First Level  |  The Dungeon, Second Level  |  The Dungeon, Third Level  |  The Dungeon, the Tests  


The first time you arrive here, if you entered with the Wardstone to the Asylum, the "Coordinator" takes you on a little tour, of course ending with him revealing himself as Jon Irenicus. If you were confined by the Pirate Lord, you will have a bit of time to speak to the inmates before the "Coordinator" turns up on the scene and springs his trap on you.

You can speak a bit to the inmates. If you speak to Wanev, the former Coordinator of the Asylum, he will give you a "Memo" with a very cryptic text. Aphril can see through planes, and if you speak to her repeatedly, she may tell you of a scarred immortal speaking to a pillar of skulls (a little Planescape: Torment-related easter egg:-)). Another inmate is a crazy Gnome named Tiax who should be known to you if you have played the original Baldur's Gate game where he was a joinable NPC. And if you speak a couple of times to Dradeel, he will give you a recipe for cookies (worth a few gold pieces from a merchant. I have found no other use for it).

And finally you will find Imoen, though she seems quite beyond herself.

Of course all of this ends with the "Coordinator", aka. Jon Irenicus, springing his trap on you. He casts a spell on you which takes away your Bhaal essence and casts you into a Dream of Candlekeep, after which Bodhi throws you into the First Level of the Asylum Dungeon.

You will be back on this level after your visit to the Asylum Dungeon. The map shows the location of items and people at this time.


  1. Here is the exit to the area outside the Asylum.

  2. Here is the exit to Irenicus' Laboratory.

    When you enter this level after the Asylum Dungeon, this is where you meet Lonk the Sane. Convince or bribe him to let the inmates free, or kill him to free them.

  3. Search the table at (x=750, y=1150) for a Rogue Stone and some minor treasure.

  4. Before you enter the Dungeon, this is the general area where you can speak to the Asylum inmates (please see above).

  5. After you've been to the Dungeon and Irenicus has fled, here you will meet Saemon Havarian. He offers you help to escape Brynnlaw. I suggest you take him up on it, even if he is not entirely to be trusted. (OK, as Sam Gamgee would say, you can't trust him as far as you can kick him! But do it anyway!:-)

    Saemon teleports you to the outside area. But you can enter the Asylum again to loot the rest of this level.

  6. Here a Stone Golem will attack you.

    The table contains the First journal of Jon Irenicus and the Second journal of Jon Irenicus.

    The locked closet contains a Staff of Thunder and Lightning.

  7. The table at (x=1350, y=710) contains Jon's Key and a Rogue Stone.

    The closet at (x=1480, y=590) contains the Horn of Silence.

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