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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 4  |  Quests in Chapter 4 
Areas in Chapter 4
Brynnlaw  |  The Asylum  |  The City of Caverns


You'd think you would have to be crazy to want to break into an Asylum. Well, when you arrive in Brynnlaw, your job is exactly that – to get into a house for the insane. You will get a hint from either Saemon Havarian or Simik: Seek out a man named Sanik in The Vulgar Monkey tavern.

  1. The Vulgar Monkey can be found at 9 on the Brynnlaw map. Find it and enter.

  2. Speak to Sanik in the Vulgar Monkey. He will tell you he is about to flee Brynnlaw.

  3. However, before he can tell you anything useful, an assassin teleports in and kills Sanik. Then he attacks you and your party, which of course is a big mistake. ;-)

  4. The innkeeper tells you that Sanik was in love with a girl called Claire who is "working" for Lady Galvena, owner of the local "Festhall". Galvena considers the courtesans her property, and undoubtedly she is right now keeping Claire prisoner and planning to kill her for plotting to elope.

  5. Which is bad news to you, because with Sanik dead, Claire is probably the only one who could knows how you could get into the Asylum. You'll have to invade the Festhall and rescue Claire.

    You can loot the assassin's body for a Short Bow +1 and some Arrows +1.

  6. Exit the tavern and go to the entrance to the Festhall at 3 on the Brynnlaw map. Speak to one of the two Courtesans standing outside – you should speak to the one who is the opposite sex of your spokesman's.

  7. With only a bit of prodding and politeness, you can get the courtesan to smuggle you in disguised as a customer, if you have a certain medallion that all courtesans wear. You won't have it unless you have already killed Chremy at 8.

  8. If you haven't, go speak to Chremy and demand Galvena's Medallion. He won't hand it over peacefully, of course, so kill him and loot his body for it.

  9. Speak to the courtesan again and either offer a bribe, or promise to eliminate Lady Galvena for them. Either way, the courtesan takes you to their room at 7 in the Festhall.

    NOTE: You can also decide to simply invade the Festhall and fight your way through the guards to Claire.

  10. Once there, they will suggest that you can get rid of the guards by giving them a sleeping drought. Accept this, and the courtesan gives you the Sleeping Draught.

  11. Exit to the hallway and find the door to the kitchen at 5. However, before you can enter, one of the guards challenges you. Tell him you are a customer – any other answer will turn the guards hostile.

  12. Enter the kitchen. The cook, Ellie, doesn't like your plan but another courtesan convinces her to help. The party gains 1,000 XP.

  13. Ellie takes the sleeping draught and creates some drugged ale which she gives to the courtesan. The courtesan then tells you to follow her but stay back, then leaves to the hallway.

    Incidentally, if you report back to Ellie after killing lady Galvena, each party member receives 2,250 XP.

  14. Follow her into the hallway and she will give the drugged ale to the two guards, knocking them out. She then enters Lady Galvena's room. Follow her again.

  15. In Lady Galvena's room, she gives the drugged ale to Captain Rerdes, knocking him out as well. Then she leaves.

  16. Loot the closet at the back of the room for Galvena's Key. While you are here, you may as well force-attack and kill the evil guard captain for 6,000 XP.

  17. Exit to the hallway. Kill the two unconscious guards for 4,000 XP apiece. Each drops a Halberd +1.

  18. With Galvena's Key you can now open the door at the far end of the hallway at 6 and enter the cellar.

  19. Lady Galvena can be found at 14 along with her pet Mage Vadek and the unfortunate Claire. Before attacking her, make sure to buff up the party, in particular against Confusion spells. And watch out, you'll be fighting in close quarters.

  20. Galvena is just about to have Claire executed. Kill her and Vadek and loot their corpses for a Dart +1, a Quarterstaff +2, Leather Armor +3 and a Flail +2.

  21. Speak to Claire. She will of course be devastated to learn that Sanik was murdered. Offer to bring her to safety with Captain Golin, whom Sanik had paid to help them flee Brynnlaw.

  22. Claire takes you out to Brynnlaw and the party gains 2,000 XP.

  23. Golin makes two suggestions on how you can enter the Asylum: Either by speaking to the Cowled Wizard's local representative, Perth the Adept, or by convincing the local pirate lord, Desharik, to have you confined as a lunatic.

    I will provide instructions for how to follow both paths. First: Act crazy.

Being Confined as a Lunatic

If you plan on being confined to the Asylum as a lunatic, you'll need to speak to the local Pirate Lord, Desharik. You will also need a high Charisma stat (if you have completed the Circus quest back in Athkatla, use the Ring of Human Influence), or you must have Minsc or Yoshimo in your party. Minsc can act crazy without trying, and Desharik is apparently one of the few people who have heard of Yoshimo... Hmm...

(Of course there is nothing to stop you from seeking out and killing Perth the Adept and looting his house before you go see the Pirate Lord! Heh heh heh...)

  1. Go to the Pirate Lord's house at 16 in Brynnlaw. Bribe the guard outside to let you in, or tell him Captain Golin sent you.

  2. Inside, speak to Desharik. If your Charisma is too low to act insane, let Yoshimo or Minsc do the talking and you'll find yourself in the Asylum in no time. Each party member gains 38,500 XP for successfully being confined to the nuthouse. :-)

  3. Once inside the Asylum, you'll have a short time to speak to the other inmates before Irenicus shows up on the scene.

  4. Of course he has taken control over the Asylum, and Yoshimo's treachery (if he is in your party) is revealed. Which means that, after a ceremony where you lose your divine soul and have to fight an avatar of Bhaal in your own mind, you'll have to Escape the Asylum dungeon. But that is a different story.

Gaining Entrance through the Cowled Wizards

Golin's other piece of advice was to speak to the local representative of the Cowled Wizards, a Mage called Perth the Adept.

  1. Go to Perth's house which can be found at 14 in Brynnlaw.

  2. Before entering, you may want to prepare for a Mage battle...

  3. Enter and speak to Perth. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem very coherent. One or another of your party members will suggest that he may be under some charm...

  4. To make a long story short, you have to kill him. Loot his body for the Book of Infinite Spells and the Wardstone to the Asylum.

  5. With the wardstone, make your way to the entrance to the Asylum area at 17 in Brynnlaw. If you were allied with the Shadow Thieves in Chapter 3, Sime will be waiting for you here.

  6. Enter the Asylum Outside area and fight your way past various low-level monsters to the entrance at 5. Enter.

  7. Once inside, you will be met by the Coordinator who takes you on a tour of the place. You can speak to the various inmates before you finally get to Imoen. She seems very much besides herself...

  8. At this point the "Coordinator" reveals himself as Irenicus. If Yoshimo is in the party, his treachery is also revealed. After a ceremony where you lose your divine soul and have to fight an avatar of Bhaal in your own mind, you'll have to Escape the Asylum dungeon. But that is a different story.

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