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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 4  |  Quests in Chapter 4 
Areas in Chapter 4
Brynnlaw  |  The Asylum  |  The City of Caverns

Lady Galvena's Festhall  |  The Vulgar Monkey  


This place is where sailors come to spend a happy day or night in the delightful company of the opposite sex. Lady Galvena has hired (more or less voluntarily) some of the finest and handsomest young men and women of Brynnlaw.

Your job here is to rescue at least one of her not-so-willing employees.

  1. Here is the entrance from Brynnlaw. On entering you will immediately be accosted by a very hostile Guard. The Guard drops a Halberd, the Guildhouse Key, and a Scroll of Protection from Cold.

  2. Here is the entrance to the hallway. You need the Guildhouse Key to enter.

  1. Here is the exit to the front hall.

  2. Here is the entrance to the Courtesan's room.

  3. Here is the entrance to the kitchen.

    When you approach the entrance, the two Guards at 6 challenge you. If you have Galvena's Medallion, you can tell them that you are a customer and they will leave you alone. If you give them any other answer, including that you are a new employee, they attack.

  4. Here are the entrances to Lady Galvena's Room and to the Cellar. You can not enter the Cellar unless you have Galvena's Key, which you can find in Lady Galvena's Room.

    If you convince the cook to brew a sleeping potion, a Courtesan will trick the guards into drinking it and they will asleep. You may as well kill them both anyway for 4,000 XP each plus Plate Mail Armor and a Halberd +1.

  1. This is where you arrive if you allow one of the Courtesans to lead you into the Festhall.

    If you were reasonably polite to the Courtesan, he or she will suggest that you create a sleeping potion to put the guards to sleep. The Courtesan gives you a Sleeping Draught which you can give to the cook in the kitchen.

  2. Here is the exit to the hallway.

  1. Here is the exit to the hallway. As soon as you enter the kitchen, the cook asks you what you are doing. If you have the Sleeping Draught, you can convince her to mix a sleeping potion which the young girl will then give to the guards and the captain.

  1. Here is the entrance from the hallway.

  2. Here is Captain Rerdes. If you have convinced the cook to help you brew a sleeping potion, the Courtesan from the kitchen will give it to him and he will give you no trouble at all.

    You may as well kill him anyway for the 6,000 XP.

  3. In this closet you will find Galvena's Key which you need to enter the cellar.

  1. Here is the entrance from the hallway.

  2. Here you will find Lady Galvena and her pet Mage Vadek about to sentence Claire to death. Battle is inevitable. Since Vadek likes to cast Greater Malison followed by Confusion, it pays to have Chaotic Commands on your most important characters, so they don't run around aimlessly, fighting each other or killing Claire.

    Vadek drops a bit of gold, a Dart +1, and a Quarterstaff +2.

    Lady Galvena drops Leather Armor +3 and a Flail +2.

    When you have killed Lady Galvena and Vadek, speak to Claire and ask for her help to enter the asylum.

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