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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 4  |  Quests in Chapter 4 
Areas in Chapter 4
Brynnlaw  |  The Asylum  |  The City of Caverns


When you arrive in the City-of-Caverns, you are met by the Royal High Priestess Senityili. She makes it abundantly clear that under normal circumstances you would be their evening meal. However, she believes you are the one that an old prophecy speaks of, who should stand between the City-of-Caverns and destruction. Accept to follow peacefully, at least for now. With that, you are brought before King Ixilthetocal.

  1. However, the king is not quite convinced that your party are the ones the mighty Sekolah has promised. So he proposes a challenge to see whether you are the ones their prophecy speaks of – or the main dish of the evening!

  2. Accept the challenge. You will be thrown into the arena at 3 to fight a two-headed ettin, which is quite easily killed.

  3. King Ixilthetocal is now convinced that you are the ones sent by Sekolah. So he orders a few sacrifices to their god. He then explains the business to you: He wants you to kill a rebel prince and bring him the prince's heart.

    Several of his advisors suggest that it might be better to negotiate a peace and get the prince and his army as allies but the king prefers just the heart, without the rest of the prince. ;-) Accept the job, at least for now.

  4. The Royal High Priestess Senityili suggests that you should come and see her first, before you set out after Prince Villynaty. Seek her out at 1.

  5. You get there just in time to see her sacrifice the High Priestess Tlyysixxous. After which she instructs you on how to reach Prince Villynaty. His base is at the far end of the city behind two great doors. To open the doors, you will need Sekolah's Tooth, which was stolen by a Drow Mage some time ago and can be found in the old Drow section of the city to the south.

    And one thing more: If you hadn't noticed, the king is mad as a hatter. So she wants you to ally yourself with the prince and help him overthrow the mad king. If you accept (which you might as well do, at least for now), she gives you the Rebel's Orb which will serve as a token of peace when you reach the prince's stronghold.

  6. Now, go south to the old Drow section of the city. At 5, a Sahuagin Royal Guard warns you that the Drow section is not really a part of the city, and that it is full of traps.

  7. At 6, make sure to have your Thief scan for traps. There is one in the floor.

  8. Continue southwards and then eastwards, killing the monsters that stand in your way. Don't forget to scan for traps at 9.

  9. At 10, by all means agree to play the Imps' game. Please see the City-of-Caverns page for details.

    And make very sure to have your Thief scan for and disarm all traps. There are six in all in this area.

  10. Have your wisest character speak to the Spectator at 11, and ask it about the chest it is guarding. With a Wisdom of 17 or better you will think of asking it whether it is guarding the contents of the chest, or just the chest itself (if Haer'Dalis is in your party, he will think of this, whether or not he is doing the talking). The Spectator will then allow you to loot the chest for Sekolah's Tooth. The party gains 15,000 XP and the Spectator floats off in search of food.

  11. Before making your way to 21 on the City-of-Caverns map, I suggest that you fully explore the rest of the city. There is some nice loot to be found, and you only get to visit this city once.

    In particular, go to 13 and kill the Rebel Priestess for the Cloak of Mirroring (awesome item!).

  12. When done exploring, go to 21 and kill the guard there. Before descending the stairs, make sure as many as possible of your NPCs have access to ranged weapons.

  13. Go down the stairs. You will be attacked by several Sahuagin Rebels, some of which are shooting at you from the water. Make your way to the door at 23. If you have Sekolah's Tooth in your possession, you can open the door.

  14. If you have the Rebel's Orb in your possession, you will be received as friends, at least for the time being, and brought before Prince Villynaty.

    If you don't have the orb, you will have to fight your way to the prince and kill him.

  15. If you get in peacefully, Prince Villynaty has a proposal for you: The rebels have a fake heart which they want you to bring back to the king. While he is off guard, the rebels will then attack, kill the mad king, and seize power.

    You now have to choose whether you will help Prince Villynaty double-cross the mad king, or whether you will kill the prince and bring his real heart to the king.

Double-Crossing King Ixilthetocal

  1. Accept the prince's proposal and take his fake heart.

  2. With the fake heart in your possession, make your way back to King Ixilthetocal at 2. Before speaking to him, prepare for battle...

  3. Speak to the king and show him the fake heart. He will be most happy.

  4. However, before he can celebrate too much, word reaches him that the prince and his rebels are attacking. The king is just sane enough to realize that you have betrayed him.

  5. So you have to fight the king and his entire court. They can be quite a mouthful but if one of your mages has a Death spell (6th level Mage spell) prepared, it has a good chance of taking them all out at once.

  6. Prince Villynaty arrives just in time to see you kill his enemies for him. He thanks you profusely and gives you the Sahuagin Treasury Key and the Magical Rope you need to enter the Underdark.

    Each party member also receives 60,500 XP.

  7. With the key, you can loot the Sahuagin Treasury for a Scroll of Protection from the Elements, a Rod of Lordly Might, another Magical Rope, and a Sahuagin Scribe's Notes.

    Make sure to loot King Ixilthetocal's body for the spear Impaler +3.

  8. Finally, you can kill or pickpocket Prince Villynaty for the Wave Blade. Once you get back to Athkatla, Cromwell can use it to forge the Halberd +4: Wave.

  9. It just remains to go back to where you found Prince Villynaty at 24. Click the hole to use the Magical Rope to descend into the Underdark and start Chapter 5.

Killing Prince Villynaty

  1. When taken to the prince, refuse to cooperate with him and kill him and his guards instead. Besides the Rebel's Heart (make sure to pick this up!), he drops the spear Impaler +3 and the Wave Blade. None of the other rebels drop anything worthwhile.

  2. Bring the Rebel's Heart back to King Ixilthetocal at 2. He will be most pleased.

  3. The king brings you back to 24 where you killed Prince Villynaty and shows you the hole that leads into the Underdark.

  4. The king gives you a Rod of Lordly Might, the Magical Rope, and Gauntlets of Crushing. Each party member receives 58,500 XP.

  5. After the king has left, Senior Priestess Sallinithyl approaches you and damns you for what you have done. Ah well, too bad for the Sahuagin! ;-)

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