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Why He's Included and How to Use Him

His spells are a mixture of offense, defense, debuffing and healing, while not as spectacular as either the Priest or the Wizard. That my Watcher is a Kind Wayfarer Paladin makes it easier for me to avail myself of a Druid instead of a Priest during the good playthrough. Moonwell, Returning Storm, Form of the Delemgan, Nature's Mark, Relentless Storm and Venombloom are spells that he uses with great frequency.

He can also participate in melee combat and hold his flank as an off-tank when he has to.


He can be found at #15 in Stormwall Gorge.

Personal Quest

True to Form



Athletics: This skill is important for any character on harder settings. It helps any character go longer between Resting, which is especially crucial during the Hard or Path of the Damned settings. It also provides bonus Health and Endurance.

Survival: Druids get a natural bonus to this skill, which increases the Resting options that are available when Camping in dungeons or outdoor areas.


2nd Level - Gallant Focus: The idea here is that I enjoy two Paladin-esque auras at once, Damage Reduction from Alliria Zealous Endurance and an Accuracy bonus from this talent.

4th Level - Weapon and Shield Style: This talent is imperative if I want him to perform in a secondary tank role.

6th Level - Superior Deflection: Provides a +5 bonus to Deflection, which is sensible for any character that relies on a shield.

8th Level - Heart of the Storm: He frequently casts spells that inflict Shocking Damage, so selecting this talent is perfectly sensible.

10th Level - Secrets of Rime: It will increase his Freezing Damage Reduction and the Freezing Damage of some of his spells.

12th Level - Scion of Flames: It will increase his Burning Damage Reduction and the Burning Damage of some of his spells.

14th Level - Weapon Focus: Soldier: To increase his Accuracy with his hammer.

16th Level - Hold the Line: More to provide a minor enhancement to his off-tank role than anything else.

Mastered Spells

9th Level - Nature's Mark: It imposes a Deflection penalty on enemies only within its radius, which is a useful option to have each fight.

11th Level - Wood Skin: Will provide party members with various Damage Reductions at the start of each fight.

13th Level - Returning Storm: It promises to zap a random enemy with Shocking Damage and Stunning every few seconds, which can make a great lead-off for every battle during extended dungeon treks.

15th Level - Moonwell: Being able to add a constant Endurance boost round after round and a bonus to Deflection every fight is pretty hefty.


Godansthunyr: Looted from a cache at #6 in the Temple of Hylea. The Stun on hit power can help him out when he's forced into melee combat. The +1 bonus to Might will stack with the Might bonus from his belt, increasing even further the damage not just from his physical attacks, but more importantly the damage from his offensive spells. I added the Superb quality and Shocking Lash enchantments to it.

Redshield: Purchased from Larha at #3 in Galawain's Maw. I added the Legendary Quality enchantment to it. Besides the usual Deflection bonus for Hiravias personally, it also projects a passive aura that imposes a -3 Accuracy penalty on all nearby enemies that stacks with all other Deflection bonuses and enemy penalties to Accuracy. And indeed Hiravias' high Intellect score will mean that the aura is very likely to encompass and benefit the entire party during almost any battle.

Pliambo per Casitas" Looted from Captain Maurumi while pursuing the bounty on him. He may not always want to engage in front-line action against especially dangerous enemies like Dragons. So this gun gives him the option to tag such an enemy with a first strike that makes it more vulnerable to attacks by other party members as a long-distance attack or first strike option. I added the Superb enchantment later on.

Executioner's Hood: Looted from Thaog at #13 in Whitestone Hollow. It allows him to recoup a little Endurance should he kill an opponent in melee combat, and give an Accuracy bonus whenever an enemy melee attack misses him, which can be useful for an off-tank character. The real benefit is a constant Fear aura that will impose an Accuracy penalty on all within its radius, and it will stack with the Accuracy penalty imposed by his Redshield. It makes sense to have Hiravias wear these items, since with his high Intellect score the radius of the auras will be wider than with any other party member.

Ruphec's Watchful Cloak MKII: Purchased from Yduran at #8 in Stalwart Village. The +2 Perception bonus is welcome for any character that attacks with great frequency. That it makes its wearer harder for enemies to Flank also makes it an ideal cloak for any tank character.

Coat of Ill Payment Looted from Thorfen after pursuing the bounty on him. It is a heavy armor that will protect him when he has to fight up close. Its Resolve bonus will increase his Deflection rating. It also has the Retaliation feature, falling in line with a party that is particularly suited to exploit Retaliation-based items.

Gauntlets of Swift Action: Looted from a chest in the Command Post of the Iron Flail Fort. The obvious point is to enable him to cast his spells that much faster despite wearing heavy armor.

Ring of Deflection: Looted from a hidden corpse near the entrance to the Grisly Cave at #14 in Dyrford Crossing. The +9 bonus to Deflection is perfectly consistent with his secondary-tank role.

Gwyn's Band of Union: Obtained from a chest at #30 in the Halls of Presence. The +4 bonus to Intellect will significantly boost the area of effect and duration of spells like Moonwell, Venombloom, Form of the Delemgan and Relentless Storm, and others. It will also increase the area of effect of passive auras emanating from some of his items like the Executioner's Hood and Redshield. The ability to use Blessing once per Encounter, normally unavailable to the good party with the absence of any Priest, is also a significant perk.

Girdle of Maegfolc Might: Looted from the Leaden Key assassins at #18 in Stormwall Gorge. The +3 to Might will increase the power of his offensive spells and his melee attacks.

Viettro's Formal Footwear: In a crate at #21 in Whitestone Hollow. The +4 bonus to Dexterity will all at once help him cast spells faster, especially during his extended buff sequences, and attack with his War Hammer faster. Such a hefty Dexterity bonus is indeed welcome for an off-tank character in heavy armor who's also having to cast spells.

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