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Characters - Watcher Protagonists:   Alliria  |  Zakara
Joinable Companions for Good Party:   Kana  |  Sagani  |  Grieving Mother  |  Hiravias  |  Devil of Caroc
Joinable Companions for Evil Party:   Aloth  |  Eder  |  Durance  |  Zahua  |  Maneha




She can be found at #16 in the Woodend Plains.

Why She's Included and How to Use Her

Sagani and her pet Arctic Fox, Ituumak, are the go to due for taking out enemy spellcasters or enemy archers. I select talents and abilities that will maximize their damage when they're attacking the same distant target. That sometimes involves Ituumak sticking his neck out against numerous foes as well, so I sometimes take talents that will improve his resiliency.

Sagani can, if she's forced into melee combat, fight back with a Pike that can knock its targets Prone.

Personal Quest

The Long Hunt



Athletics: It helps any character go longer between resting, which is especially crucial during the Hard or Path of the Damned settings. It also provides bonus Health and Endurance.

Survival: Developing this skill for the resting bonuses makes sense, and more so for a Ranger with a natural bonus for the skill so as to gain hefty Accuracy bonuses against specific types of enemies.

Stealth: The good party uses Stealth to resolve quests rather more often in comparison to the evil party, and Sagani is typically the go to member for that.


1st Level - Wound Shot: Her default first-level ability, and I can't do anything about it. Even so, it's still a useful twice per Encounter ability to have, given her use of the Predator's Sense ability (see below).

3rd Level - Predator's Sense: It allows Ituummak to inflict extra damage on targets that are suffering from damage over time effects. This ability syncs perfectly with abilities used by other party members, such as Kana's The Dragon Thrashed, The Dragon Wailed (later on) or the Devil of Caroc's Deep Wounds ability or Sagani's own Wounding Shot.

5th Level - Stalker's Link: It gives her a +10 Accuracy bonus when she's firing her arrows at the same target that is being attacked by Ituummak. The Stalker's Torc adds +20% damage to boot when using this ability.

7th Level - Driving Flight: Upon a successful hit, the missile projectile will also strike a nearby second target for less damage. The damage on the second target isn't a big deal. The real point is to increase the chances of triggering the Returning Storm power of the Stormcaller bow.

9th Level - Takedown: Allows her pet, Ituumak, to knock a target Prone. Can be used twice each Encounter. It can make taking down enemy spellcasters at a distance that much easier, or if you want the pet to take down an otherwise particularly troublesome target.

11th Level - Stunning Shots: It allows her to Stun her target at a distance when Ituumak is also attacking it. It makes taking down enemy spellcasters that much easier.

13th Level - Twinned Arrows: It allows the firing of two arrows instead of just one with each attack, but at the expense of a -10 penalty to Accuracy, which by this point I can now ignore. In her case, that now means multiple chances to trigger Returning Storm with her Stormcaller bow.

15th Level - Defensive Bond: It provides a Reflex Defense bonus against area-of-effect attacks for both Ituumak and herself.


2nd Level - Resilient Companion: It provides her pet Arctic Fox, Ituummak, with a bonus to Damage Reduction that scales with her level-ups.

4th Level - Marksman: This is a no-brainer, as firing arrows is her bread and butter.

6th Level - Merciless Companion: It allows her pet fox to inflict an extra 30% damage on targets subject to Sneak Attacks. Given that multiple members possess abilities that can inflict status effects like Flanked and Prone and Stun, the extra damage will come into play a lot of the time.

8th Level - Heart of the Storm: The key point is that it will increase her damage from the Stormcaller bow.

10th Level - Vicious Companion: Ituumak will now enjoy a +15% bonus to Damage and a +3 bonus to penetration against Damage Reduction.

12th Level - Weapon Focus (Soldier): It will provide a +6 Accuracy bonus both for her Tallgrass pike, and her Stormcaller bow (as a Soulbound weapon).

14th Level - Faithful Companion: It considerably increases resistances against Charmed, Confusion and Domination. It makes sense since I often have Ituumak run straightaway to the enemy spellcasters and therefore occupy their immediate attention.

16th Level - Strengthened Bond: Increases the bonuses provided by the Defensive Bond ability.


Stormcaller: Found at the top of tower near Durgan's Battery. It becomes a complete and soulbound weapon in the presence of the Silver Arrow. The bow has at least two distinct features. One is that it will allow her to inflict Shocking Damage instead of Piercing Damage if her target has less Damage Reduction against the former. That is almost always the case. The other point is that, once she unlocks its powers, it will have a 10% chance on each strike to trigger a Returning Storm spell. Her build is therefore centred around shooting as fast and as often as she can, and thereby maximizing her chances of triggering the Storm.

Tall Grass: Purchased from Winfrith's Arms and Armory in Dyrford Village. Mostly I prefer that she fire her arrows on distant targets. Sometimes, however, numerous enemies are up close and thick around the party. This weapon will give her the option of attacking from behind her comrades, and with the option of knocking her targets Prone. And if she sets up her Attack for extra damage by the party Rogue, so much the better.

Maegfolc Skull Looted from Roedwith after pursuing the bounty on her. The +4 bonus to Might will obviously benefit her attacks, either from her bow or her Pike. It kind of comes to her by default, since I have other helms in mind for other characters for various reasons.

Stalker's Torc: Obtained from a chest at #14 in Keep of Lord Raedric's Hold, as an item from the "Raedric Keep - Main Floor - Chest Beside Bed" section of this version of the random drop list. I plan on getting the Stalker's Link ability for her, which gives her a +10 Accuracy bonus when she fires her arrows at the same target as is being attacked by her pet. The Torc will add a +20% bonus to damage in addition to the Accuracy bonus.

Night-Runner: Looted from Nefre's Corpse at #12 in the second floor of the Dracogen Inn. Note that Sagani prefers to avoid up close combat whenever possible. Even her melee weapon has extended range. So the +15 defense vs. Engagement gives her the real possibility of giving an up close enemy the slip and taking up a more ideal position at a distance. The +2 bonus to Stealth will also help when she needs to sneak around, which can come into play during certain quests. I add the +2 Perception bonus and Corrode-Proofed enchantments when I get the chance.

Gauntlets of Swift Action: Obtained as a random item from the "Endless Paths - 12th Vithrack" section of the Random Drop List. The obvious benefit is that it increases her rate of fire with her bow.

Belt of the Stelgaer: Purchased from Cartugo at #22 in Ondra's Gift companion adventure. The key point is to increase the rate at which she can shoot her arrows, and in turn increase the probability of triggering a Returning Storm with Stormcaller. The -33% Knockdown reduction time is gravy.

Ring of Overseeing: Looted from a chest at #26 in the Foundry of Durgan's Battery. The point is to increase the area of effect for both Combusting Wounds when it's triggered by her Ring of Searing Flames and her Returning Storm when it's triggered by her Stormcaller bow.

Ring of Searing Flames: Obtained from the chest at #12 in the Raedric's Hold Dungeons, as an item from the "Raedric Keep - Dungeon - Prison Hidden" section of the Random Drop List. The idea is that she can use it to put a Combusting Wounds spell over the party when they're in it thick and tight against numerous foes. Any attack by party members within the radius will inflict an additional 5 points of Burning Damage. In my good playthrough that will include numerous items with the Retaliation property, and also Alliria's Sacred Immolation. The reason I don't have Aloth learn the spell for the evil party was because he usually had other spells that he was inclined to cast, and it was hard to fit this one into his sequences. Sagani by comparison will possess this distinct option as an alternative to firing arrows or attacking with a pike, so she'll use it with considerably more frequency.

Boots of the Long March: Looted from a corpse at #21 at Dyrford Crossing. She gets them more or less by default, since I have different boots in mind for everyone else, and more Athletics and Endurance never hurt anyone.

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