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Twin Elms, Part 2:   Noonfrost  |  Galawain's Maw  |  Burial Isle  |  Breith Eaman  |  Sun in Shadow



Larha's Sister

I start off at #1 on the map of Oldsong. The entrance to Galawain's Maw is at #15.

Galawain's Maw

I am now at #1 on the map of Galawain's Maw. I speak to Larha at #3, starting with the dialogue option about the arrival of foreigners. That leads to the discovery that her sister, Alwah, has gone missing inside Noonfrost, and Alliria agreeing to look for her. The conversation triggers the Prison of Ice quest.

I leave the Maw, and make my way to the entrance to Noonfrost, which is at #17 on the map of Oldsong.



I start off at #1 on the map of Noonfrost. A little ahead at #2 will be Vesgel, who's willing to provide background information, albeit rather impatiently.

Most of Noonfrost itself is inaccessible to the party without causing all of the Pale Elves to go hostile. Areas that are accessible through an open door are likewise accessible to the party. Areas past a door marked as 'd' on the map, or areas past a numbered door that requires a specific key to open, are inaccessible. The only way to venture into those areas without making the Pale Elves go hostile is to either go through them undetected while in Stealth mode, or (a good deal later on) be given free run of Noonfrost by their leader.

I go east a little from Vesgel's room. I then have all of my party members equip the same items from my stash that provide Stealth bonuses. I also have Sagani put on Boots of Speed that I've been saving up. The point there is that she does a lot of the sneaking around, and sometimes she can pull it off better when she has that little extra boost to her walking speed to put herself out of the detection range of a patrolling Pale Elf.

*Evil* Vesgel

Zakara and the evil party does the much more straightforward and violent route of slaughtering everything in sight, starting with Vesgel and her retinue.

The Pale Elves in question are split into two groups. I position Zakara so that she can lay the smack on Vesgal right away. I position Eder carefully so that he can tank against Vesgel's bodyguards.

I position Zahua so that he's within reach of the other Pale Elf Wizard. Maneha positions herself so that she can tank against the Pale Elves near the other Wizard. Durance and Aloth will remain close to the second group.

I then begin the battle by force attacking. Durance does his usual buffs, while Aloth sets up for bombardment. It's only a matter of time before I kill everything in sight.

Silver Key

First, I have Devil of Caroc unlock the door that's just a little east of #5. After that, I have Sagani sneak past that door, wait until the guard has left the room to the east, pilfer the Silver Key from the table at #6, and then regroup with the rest of the party. Note that a Pale Elf Vanquisher will frequently enter the room at #6, but sometimes leave it to the north as well. It's a matter of making the break while he's gone from the room.

*Evil* Silver Key

The evil party continues to slaughter everything in sight while making their way eastwards. They thus cut a more violent path to getting the Silver Key at #6.


Larha's sister, Alwah, is being held captive at #10. I send Sagani on ahead to find her. Trying to reach her without turning the Pale Elves hostile can be difficult.

The reason is that there are two more Pale Elf Vanquishers on patrol besides the one that enters the room with the chest at #6. Another one frequently comes close to the door in between #11 and #5, but will occasionally go east sometimes. Another one tends to hover around the chest at #8, but will occasionally go a little eastwards. Luckily, this last one's range of detecting a Stealth character covers less radius than the other two Vanquishers. So the trick is to somehow reach the door at #9 without being detected.

Send your Stealth character ahead after one Vanquisher enters the room with the chest at #6. Proceed carefully north and west, and wait until another Vanquisher goes south so as to be close to the door between #11 and #5. Once that happens, make your way west out of his range. If you get across, you can hug the wall south of the chest at #8 while in scouting mode so as to avoid being detected by the third Vanquisher.

Once there, Sagani uses the Silver Key on the door at #9. She then speaks with Alwah to gain some background info on the Pale Elves occupying Noonfrost. Note that telling her to make a run for it at this point will cause the Pale Elves to go hostile. I therefore tell her to stay put for the time being.

Having Sagani make her way back is more difficult still. How I did it was to hug the wall south of the chest at #8. I would then wait until the second Vanquisher was just starting to make his way to the door between #11 and #5. Just as he was going to the door, I would sneak across.

Now here's the tricky part. I have to make it to the door across from the room with the chest at #6. And I have to be fast about it, because the Vanquisher there will soon open the door leading to #6 and will blow my cover if I haven't made it past by then, whether or not I'm in scouting mode. I find that Boots of Speed give me just the extra edge I need to make it back just before the Vanquisher opens the door. She regroups with the party once she's made it past the door.

*Evil* Alwah

The evil party cuts a path north and west until they reach the door at #9, which they open with the Silver Key. Alwah is freed thereafter.

The video concludes with the party going southward, killing off more Pale Elves, and then leaving the Noonfrost.

Blue Crystal Key

I send Devil of Caroc to unlock the chest at #5, and pilfer it for the Blue Crystal Key, while no Pale Elves are around to see it. She regroups with the party once she's done.

The party then uses the key to open the at #12.

*Evil* The evil party has an easier time of it since they already killed all the Pale Elves that could have gotten in the way.

White Crystal Key

I wait until a Pale Elf is no longer around before going past the door at #12. I can continue past the Pale Elves in the room on the other side of the door without provoking hostilities.

The White Crystal Key is in a chest at #13. I use it to open the door at #14.

*Evil* White Crystal Key

The evil party continues north after opening the door at #12. They quickly kill a Pale Elf Sorcerer and a Pale Elf Priestess in the next room to the north.

However, several Pale Elves are going to storm in from the room to the east. They include a few Sorcerers who are capable of casting Confusion, so I made sure that Durance had Prayer Against Treachery in place before hand when I had been just killing the other two Pale Elves by themselves.

The Sorcerers, and a few other Priestesses, will hang back beyond the door. I therefore have Durance and Aloth bombard them with spells like Storm of Holy Fire, Malignant Cloud, Chill Fog and Wilting Wind. The battle is eventually won.

I soon retrieve the White Crystal Key from the chest at #13, and use it to open the door at #14.


I have Devil of Caroc put on her Gloves of Manipulation, and then send her into the room on the other side of the door at #14 while in Stealth mode. There is a Pale Elf Wizard on the north side of the room who can sound the alarm, but his range of detection is pretty small, especially when he goes over to the northwest corner.

Devil of Caroc unlocks a sarcophagus at #15, which has a Quarterstaff called Wend-Walker. I'll just sell it though.

Devil of Caroc also creeps to the east and presses a hidden button at #16, which opens the door at #17. She regroups with the party after that. The whole party then goes into stealth mode, and past the door at #17 into the adjacent room.

*Evil* Suffice to say that the evil party simply kills off the Pale Elf Wizard to accomplish the same things without sneaking around.

Prison of Ice

Now I enter the room fully, and speak to the Pale Elf Wizard named Glasvahl at #19. Only dialogue choices based on having at least two points of Rational disposition, or being a Shieldbearer of St. Elcga, or being a Kind Wayfarer, or being a Pale Elf, can convince him to willingly free Alwah.

Alliria used the Kind Wayfarer option. After that, the good party now has completely free run of Noonfrost without any of the Pale Elves going hostile. She goes over to Alwah in her cell, and informs her that she is now free to go.

She returns to Galawain's Maw, and speaks with Lahra to conclude the Prison of Ice quest. Lahra rewards her with the Scales of the Raven armor. Alwah also shows up, and gives Alliria the Blooded Hunter Talent (+1 Slashing Damage Reduction, +1 Piercing Damage Reduction, +1 Stealth).

Now I leave the Maw and travel to Elm's Reach.

Elm's Reach

Prayer to Rymrgand

I start off at #1 on the map of Elm's Reach. The entrance to Teir Evron is at #19.

Teir Evron

Now I am at #1 on the map of Teir Evron. I click on the altar at #9, and select the words "All life ends in stillness" to begin the prayer to Rymrgand.

I am given a vision of Pale Elves trying in vain to crack their way through a wall of ice. Rymrgand gives me the quest called Glowing Ice Shard. He wants me to persuade the Pale Elves to willingly depart Noonfrost, and then use the Shard to seal up the Frost-Hewn Breach. The conversation triggers the quest called Into the White Void.

The video concludes with the good party travelling to Hearthsong.



I am now at the east side of Hearthsong. I enter the Celestial Sapling at #20 on the map.

Celestial Sapling

I speak to the innkeeper at #6, and use the Celestial Suite resting option in order to gain a +2 bonus to Resolve.

After that, I travel through Oldsong and enter the Noonfrost. Alliria puts her Ring of Changing Heart back on.

Now I speak to Glasvahl again at #19. There's more than one way to resolve the quest. Keep in mind that giving him the Glowing Ice Shard so that he and the Pale Elves can step through the Breach is the exact opposite of what Rymrgand wants. That means you won't be able to complete the quest unless you make an Intellect check of 19 when next you speak to the God of Winter.

You could also decide to slaughter the Pale Elves then and there, which would be equally satisfactory for Rymrgand since it means the souls of the Pale Elves continue their cycle of reincarnation through the Wheel.

Alliria makes a Resolve check of 17 to convince Glasvahl and the rest of the Pale Elves to willingly leave Noonfrost. She next uses the Glowing Ice Shard on the black ice pedestal at #20 to seal the Frost-Hewn Breach. The good party then travels back to Elmshore.

*Evil* Glasvahl

The evil party is already committed to a battle as it is. Durance begins a sequence of Prayer Against Treachery (to protect against Confusion), Devotions for the Faithful, Consecrated Ground, Circle of Protection and Salvation of Time.

The enemies have to come at me through the stairs, so that provides a perfect opportunity for Aloth to set up crowd-control with Eldritch Aim followed by Pull of Eora, Malignant Cloud and Chill Fog at the base of the stairs.

The warriors stand ready to kill any that make it through. Durance and Aloth bombard the enemies with spells like Storm of Holy Fire and Wilting Wind. At some point, few are left besides Glasvahl, a Sorceress, and one or two other enemies. Aloth therefore dooms both Glasvahl and the Sorceress with a Concelhaut's Crushing Doom on each of them.

The one notable item that Glasvahl leaves behind is his grimoire. I have no use for it, since Aloth has his spellbook just the way he wants it.

Now I use the Glowing Ice Shard to close the Frost-Hewn Breach. The video concludes with the evil party leaving Noonfrost.

Into the White Void

I speak to Rymrgand in Teir Evron again to conclude the quest called quest called Into the White Void. Rymrgand, along with Ondra and Skaen, wants me to disperse the essences of the souls that Thaos has taken. Both Alliria and Zakara alike hold off on making a choice as to which deity to seal a pact with.

Galawain's Maw is my next destination.

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