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Temple of Eothas:   Temple of Eothas, Lower Level  |  Temple of Eothas, Upper Level

Temple of Eothas, Level 1

Gilded Vale

Buried Secrets

The entrance to the Temple of Eothas is at #7 on the map of Gilded Vale.

Temple of Eothas, Level 1

The party starts off at #1 on the map of the first level of the Temple of Eothas. I speak to Wirtan at #2, which triggers the Buried Secrets quest.

Will-O-Wisps in the Temple of Eothas

There will be a few Will-O-Wisps at #3. Despite their electrical projectile attacks and ability to cause Confusion, they're still pretty easy to kill. A container in the room has a few Adras and some coins.

Ivory Spiders in the Temple of Eothas

I will encounter several Ivory Spiders and Ivory Spiderlings at #4. Kana starts off with a Tanglefoot Scroll, while the rest of the party lets the foes come to them. It's otherwise pretty easy to cut them down in combat, made that much easier by Alliria triggering healing with Strange Mercy and the Sword of the Shepherd.

Alliria briefly encounters a Spirit at the north end of the room, which piques Kana's curiosity. There will be a hidden nice at #5 that has some random items.

Temple of Eothas Library

I enter the room west at #6. Inside will be two pairs of Skuldrs. I kill each pair one at a time. Although they can stun party members when they screech, they are still easy enough to kill once I set up flanking positions on them.

A pile of rubble at #7 has a Fine Sword. I have the Orlan Rogue equip it on an interim basis.

The library will be just to the south. A hidden niche at #11 is uncovered once the Orlan Rogue goes into scouting mode. It has the Engraved Silver Key, which will make reaching the lower level decidedly easier.

*Evil* Aloth's Mechanics skill isn't quite to the point where he can uncover the hidden niche, even while in scouting mode, so the evil party will need a different way to make progress.

A Letter Home

I head back towards the initial entrance, but then go south to the room at #12. I have to kill a few Ivory Spiders and Ivory Spiderlings, but they're not much trouble.

The table in the room has A Letter Home, which sheds some light on the stresses faced by the Priests of Eothas.

I open the door at #13 by finding the secret switch next to it after going into scouting mode.

Skuldr King

There will be a few Skuldr led by a Skuldr King in the room at #15. I have Eder go through the door and lead them back to the party. The point is to avoid having one or two party members ganged up on at the door by several Skuldrs.

Durance uses a sequence of Blessing, Consecrated Ground and Interdiction. Aloth puts a Chill Fog at the door, and then hits all of them with a Ghost Blades spell. It becomes pretty easy to take them down after that.

Alliria interacts with the spirit of a Priest of Eothas at the north end of the room for a bit.

The video concludes with the good party making its way back to the entrance. There is a specific reason for this.

Temple of Eothas Upper Floor Chest

I return to the Black Hound Inn, sell off my excess loot, and rest until it's day 16 of the month.

I next return to the Temple of Eothas. At #16 is a chest with an item from the "Gilded Vale - Eothas Temple - Upper Floor" section of the random drop list. The Orlan Rogue goes into scouting mode, detects a trap on the chest, and then disarms it.

Since it is now day 16 of the month, the chest has a Cape of Deflection. I have Kana wear it on an interim basis. He hands over the Minor Cloak of Protection he was previously wearing to Eder.

*Evil* Zakara rests until day 8, in order to get a Ring of Overseering (10% area of effect) for Zahua when he joins. The point is to increase the area of effect of abilities such as Torment's Reach and Rooting Pain.

The good party uses the Engraved Silver Key to open the door at #18. The stairs down to the second level will be at #19.

*Evil* I describe an alternative way to the next level just below, even though Aloth could find the key as well.

*Evil* Bells of Eothas

The evil party clicks on the bells at #17. The correct sequence for ringing them is right, middle, left and right. That results in the door at #18 opening.

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