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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 2  |  Quests in Chapter 2 
Areas in Chapter 2: Athkatla
Waukeen's Promenade  |  The Bridge District  |  The City Gate District  |  The Docks District  |  The Government District  |  The Graveyard District  |  The Slums  |  The Planar Sphere  |  The Temple District  |  The Temple District Sewers  
Areas Outside Athkatla
De'Arnise Keep  |  Trademeet  |  The Druid Grove  |  The Umar Hills  |  The Temple Ruins  |  The Windspear Hills


OK, so calling this a "quest" may be a bit of a stretch but the road to creating the Human Flesh +5 armor is sufficiently long and winded that it merits a page of its own. And placing it in Chapter 2 is also a stretch, since you will have to finish Chapter 5 before you can complete the "quest".

To set these events in motion, you must have finished the Murders in the Bridge District quest.

  1. After having solved the Bridge District serial murder case, make sure to grab the Tanner's Letter and the Human Flesh at 7 in the Tanner Shop. The letter details how to find the man who can create the Human Flesh +5 armor, and what his real name is.

  2. Travel to the Umar Hills. If the area isn't shown on your world map, go to the Government District and get either the Deaths in the Umar Hills or Find Valygar for the Cowled Wizards quest.

  3. In the Umar Hills you will find four merchants standing at 5 outside the inn. The one you want to speak to is Fael.

  4. Speak to Fael and ask to see his wares. As specified in the Tanner's Letter, you should buy the book called History of the Zhentarim.

  5. Fael then asks if you may have dealt with him in Athkatla where he used to trade under another name. Select the option "Darcin Cole was your name".

  6. If spoken to nicely (as in, don't call him a monster or threaten to sic the guards on him; or he'll just walk away), Fael agrees to finish the armor. But he needs one more ingredient: The Blood of a Silver Dragon.

  7. If you have already finished Chapter 5 and you didn't kill the silver dragon Adalon, you are out of luck, since she is the only silver dragon in the game. ;-)

  8. In Chapter 5, when you meet the silver dragon Adalon in her lair, play along with her to get the Recover Adalon's Eggs quest.

  9. Do the Ust Natha quests as specified in this quest. At the Egg ritual, feel free to make a deal with the demon and give it Adalon's Eggs in return for the Blackmist +4 halberd.

  10. Return to Adalon. If you gave the demon her eggs, she will attack you when you speak to her. If you didn't, force-attack her instead of speaking to her.

  11. The hard part is to kill Adalon. Feel free to lower the difficulty to the lowest level; I have found it next to impossible to beat her otherwise. Adalon drops Blood of a Silver Dragon, 3,000 GP, and a Note. Make sure to bring the blood with you.

  12. Once back in Amn, travel to the Umar Hills and give Fael the Human Flesh and the Blood of a Silver Dragon. Fael promises that he will have the armor in four days.

  13. Return after four days and Fael will be waiting for you with the Human Flesh +5 armor. However, before speaking to him, prepare for battle with three powerful mages. It might also be an idea to approach him at night when there's fewer people around (NPCs hit with Chaos or Confusion spells have an annoying tendency to kill innocent bystanders, costing the party vast amounts of Reputation points).

  14. For Fael has realized that you are not his tanner, and that his tanner is in fact dead. He summons three mages to fight you before running off.

  15. Kill all three mages for 6,000, 7,000, and 7,200 XP and some random treasure. A rather anticlimactic end to the "quest". If you're finding the mages troublesome, I have found that Jaheira's or Cernd's "Swarm Curse" is a great weapon against groups of mages.

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