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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 5  |  Quests in Chapter 5 
Areas in Chapter 5
The Underdark  |  Adalon's Lair  |  Ust Natha  |  The Beholder Dungeon  |  The Mind Flayer Dungeon  |  The Kuo-Toa Dungeon  |  The Exit Area  


To get this quest, you must enter Adalon's Lair from the Underdark. Before you can do that, you need the Light Gem, which you get from Goldander Blackenrock by killing him, or by doing the Kill a Demon quest for him.

When you enter Adalon's Lair and walk deeper into the place, you will meet Adalon, a Silver Dragon. Irenicus and Bodhi have stolen her eggs and they are now being held hostage inside the Drow city of Ust Natha. So long as her eggs are held hostage, Adalon can't do her job which is to guard the peace between the Drow and Surface Elves. So she requests ... nay, DEMANDS! that you rescue her eggs for her.

Adalon casts a long-lasting illusion on the entire party, making you all look and speak like Drow Elves. She suggests that you use the name "Veldrin" while inside the city, and that you claim to be from Ched Nasad. With that, you are ready to enter Ust Natha and start your search for Adalon's Eggs...

  1. Leave Adalon's Lair for the main Underdark area and go to 27 where you will find the entrance to Ust Natha.

  2. The gates open and you are challenged by a guard. If Viconia is in your party, she responds for you. If not, the correct answer is to stand firm. A meek answer like "I beg of you to let me enter" or the downright stupid "I am [CHARNAME], from the lair of Adalon!" will turn the entire city hostile.

    If you answer correctly, the guard instructs you to seek out Solaufein outside the Male Fighters' Society.

  3. Enter Ust Natha. Seek out Solaufein at 12 outside the Male Fighters' Society.

  4. Solaufein makes it abundantly clear that, if it weren't for the current crisis, you would have found a much harsher welcome. However, the city is currently in need of fighters, so your presence is tolerated ... at least for now, if you prove useful.

    As it happens, a serious crisis has popped up. You are therefore requested to meet him and a Handmaiden of Lolth on the platform at the entrance to the city.

  5. Go back to the marketplace and find Solaufein and Imrae at 2. Imrae instructs you to do as you are told at all times (an excellent piece of advice if you want to blend into Drow society!), after which Solaufein gives you your first task for the city of Ust Natha: The eldest daughter of a Matron Mother has been abducted by the "Devourers" (Mind Flayers) and your job is to help Solaufein rescue her.

  6. Solve the Rescue Phaere quest.

    And by the way, when Solaufein instructs you to meet him within 12 hours, he means it. Whenever you are given a time limit in Ust Natha, if you fail to meet the deadline, the Matron Mother will cast a divination spell to find you, and your cover will be blown!

  7. When you have rescued Phaere, meet her and Solaufein at the Ust Natha Tavern. Phaere instructs you to meet her at the city entrance a few days later. So, meet with her again no more than 48 hours later.

  8. BUT:

    Next time you get close to the marketplace at 3 in Ust Natha, a Duergar slave approaches you and asks you to speak to his master, an Aboleth (a mind-reading fish) in the big tank. This leads to the Qilue's Brain quest. Whether you accept the quest or not is up to you but remember that you are on a timeline to meet with Phaere, so don't dally too long, or you'll suddenly have two urgent quests on your hands!

  9. Anyway: Meet with Phaere and Solaufein on the platform. This time they want your help Killing a Beholder. Solve this quest for them.

  10. Once you have killed the Beholder, Phaere tells you to meet her back at the tavern in no more than three days. So just go there and meet her.

  11. Phaere orders you to help Solaufein kill a Svirfneblin patrol and bring back proof of the deed. So, solve the Teach the Deep Gnomes a Lesson quest – any way you prefer.

  12. Return to Phaere in the Ust Natha Tavern, and her relations with Solaufein finally reach boiling point. You are ordered to meet Phaere in the Female Fighters' Society within an hour. Do so.

  13. When you meet her, she orders you to kill Solaufein. Carry out this quest in the way you prefer (sparing Solaufein's life is strongly recommended:-).

  14. When you report back to Phaere, if you are male, she orders you to sleep with her. You can talk your way out of this by telling her you belong to another. Phaere will shy back from a possible confrontation with a Handmaiden of Lolth.

    If you do choose to sleep with her, a romance with Aerie will be irrevocably ruined. Jaheira will accept it if you say you had no choice, and Viconia will accept it in typical Drow fashion.

  15. Phaere next orders you to meet her and Matron Mother Ardulace in the Temple of Lolth. So get over there.

  16. Phaere and Ardulace meet you near the entrance. The Matron Mother needs you to Fetch the Blood of a Neighboring Race. Carry out this quest.

    If you have already got the Blood of an Elder Brain, the Eyestalk of an Elder Orb, or the Blood of a Kuo-Toan Prince, you can give it to Ardulace immediately. But you may as well wait. On your way out of the city, you will be offered two other quests; the Deirax's Tower quest and the Ghaunadaur Cult quest.

  17. When you are ready to deliver the blood to the Matron Mother, report back.

  18. Matron Mother Ardulace is planning a complicated ceremony that involves the blood you fetched and the Dragon Eggs. And until that ceremony is over, she has decided to seal off the city. So even if you could lay your hands on Adalon's Eggs, you couldn't leave the city anyway.

  19. Phaere now demands that you meet her in the Female Fighters' Society within the hour. Go to meet her.

  20. Phaere has a plan: She wants to be Matron Mother instead of the Matron Mother. For this purpose she wants you to replace Adalon's Eggs with a set of fake eggs. You had better agree for now. Phaere gives you a set of Fake Dragon Eggs and the Key to the Despana Treasury and sends you to Exchange the Eggs.

  21. Once this last quest is done, hopefully with the death of both Matron Mother Ardulace and Phaere, and with you in possession of Adalon's Eggs, leave Ust Natha as quickly as possible.

  22. Return to Adalon's Lair and deliver the eggs to Adalon. In return you receive the Necaradan's Crossbow +3 and each party member receives 78,500 XP.

  23. And Adalon brings you to the Kuo-Toa Dungeon near the exit to the Exit Area. There she helps you kill the Drow guards before teleporting away.

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